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National Grid outlines underground power plans - 26/01/2011

Cheap electricity customers in England and Wales could soon be receiving their supplies through a high capacity underground power cable.

National Grid has outlined plans to install a high-capacity cable stretching from Scotland, through the Irish Sea and across the Wirral to north Wales.

The proposal will see large volumes of cheap energy being transferred directly between Scotland and England and Wales.

Project director Andy Hiorns commented: "This is an incredibly important project for the UK - it will help the country to meet its climate change commitments.

"We are also committed to engaging with local communities about the project and are keen to speak to as many people as we can and hear as many views as possible."

However, environment campaigners have hit out at the proposals, with Green party member Patrick Cleary arguing that the UK is "still not serious about energy efficiency".

"We estimate that we could cut 30 to 40 per cent off our power consumption if we were more serious about this, and that would eliminate the need for a project like this and the disruption it will entail," he insisted.

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