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Do you want to know more about the energy market?  You should read Energy Matters, an energy blog written by the director of

Energy is one of the biggest household expenses.  You will have noticed energy prices rising rapidly over the past few years.  Knowing more about gas and electricity will enable you to reduce your bill. can help you compare energy prices and switch to the cheapest supplier, which could save you hundreds of pounds.

Energy blog

Energy Matters is an energy blog written by Mark Todd, co-founder of  If you want to find out about energy price rises and falls, consumer advice or industry issues, then you may want to read this energy blog.

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Energy blog: how to switch to a cheaper energy supplier

As you’ll read on Mark Todd’s energy blog, you can switch to a cheap electricity supplier in minutes with  The site allows you to compare all UK energy companies and switch online. will oversee the entire switching process. We will ask for some personal information such as your name and address, and then pass these details securely to your chosen provider.  Your new electricity company will write to you to confirm your switch.

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