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Customer disputes £13,000 bill from supplier - 01/08/2011

Small business energy clients might be tempted to switch gas providers if their bills are getting too big.

However, one businessman is still disputing a period of six years during which he claims he was overcharged by an energy supplier.

Bill Campbell, the former licensee of the Railway Bell pub in Kidderminster, told the Morning Advertiser that a meter-reading error has resulted in his being presented with a backdated electricity bill of £13,693.

E.ON reportedly told Mr Campbell that his monthly payments would be decreasing slightly from £129 back in 2008, but in the following year the supplier raised his direct debit payments to £1,655 a month.

The landlord cancelled his direct debit after raising a complaint with E.ON and feeling as though he was not being given an adequate explanation for the rise.

An offer made by the supplier for Mr Campbell to pay back the balance over 24 months has been rejected and the case has been sent to the Energy Ombudsman.

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