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Homeowners choosing to switch energy companies could practice DIY skills - 22/05/2009

People considering switching gas and electricity companies could also pursue cheaper energy by doing basic DIY around the home, reports

Despite fears about making mistakes on domestic DIY repair, research from the Energy Saving Trust reveals that nearly 80 per cent of jobs are successful, suggesting homeowners have a good opportunity to retrofit their homes at minimal cost.

Fitting draught excluders and insulating heating pipes, as well as trickier jobs such as installing double-glazing or energy-efficient boilers, can help reduce energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

The survey revealed that over half of more than 2,000 people questioned lack the confidence to try DIY, but with £220 million of potential savings available, gaining basic skills could be a valuable future investment.

In addition, doing simple DIY tasks can help make more money available for jobs that need professional attention in these cost-conscious times.

Energy suppliers have pledged to do more to help homeowners reduce their costs and many have sent out energy-saving light bulbs as a result.

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