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Firms 'are more conscious of business energy efficiency issues' - 31/08/2010

An industry expert has said that an increasing number of firms are now becoming more conscious of their business energy efficiency.

Paul Anderson, programme director for infrastructure outsourcing at Capgemini, explained that having a sustainability strategy is becoming "critical" for all medium to large-scale organisations because they are now aware of the requirement.

"In regards to business, for elements of sustainability and greening, there can be massive savings and it will bring down the scale of their overall carbon footprint," he said.

Mr Anderson explained that Capgemini has begun to tighten up its own sustainability strategy by looking at where manufacturers are sourcing their parts from and whether they are focusing on regions that have attempted to reduce waste and pollution. recently reported that the Environment Agency is set to use the world greenest data centre, the Merlin data centre facility, as part of its attempts to improve its business energy efficiency.

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