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Energy suppliers British Gas found to charge 75% more for boiler fittings - 31/08/2010

Energy suppliers British Gas have been found to charge up to 75 per cent more than other companies to install a boiler, it has emerged.

An undercover investigation conducted by consumer magazine Which? found that in ten out of 13 different requests to install the same boiler in various houses, British Gas quoted more for the job than other companies.

The domestic and business energy provider was found to charge an average of 39 per cent more to install the boiler, but it one case, the price quoted was 75 per cent more.

A survey of 10,000 people also revealed that consumers are more satisfied by work carried out by independent installers - 70 per cent said they were "very satisfied" with an independent job, compared to 53 per cent of people satisfied with a British Gas fitting.

A spokesman for industry watchdog Consumer Focus told The Mirror: "Many customers will trust their energy supplier to give them a good price for installing their boiler. However, this research shows they may end up paying through the nose."

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