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Energy supplier signs green deal with EPSRC - 20/05/2009

Cheap energy could be closer to reality with the news that EDF has signed a deal to hasten research into greener forms of heating technology.

The energy company has agreed a £4 million deal with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and will involve UK experts working at the European energy efficiency research centre.

Striving to understand how energy is used in the home, the EPSRC will conduct its research alongside EDF's research and development specialists to investigate more effective ways to heat homes in more environmentally-friendly ways.

Eric Salomon, of EDF Energy's Energy Services, said: "The results of this research will help us speed up the delivery of low carbon technology to residential and business customers around the UK and could help reduce energy costs and their carbon footprints."

He added that the research could lead to domestic heating changes with a similar impact to the switch between VHS and DVD in the multimedia industry in the late 1990s.

Many of the UK's major energy companies have been sending out millions of energy-saving light bulbs to promote wider efficiency.

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