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Cheap energy building regulations could increase prices - 27/05/2009

New regulations being proposed to help tackle price rises from energy suppliers could increase costs when the construction industry is already struggling, say experts.

Construction experts have warned that homeowners could face charges up to ten per cent higher than normal if they are forced to adopt more energy-efficient designs for conservatories or other forms of housing extensions.

The industry is concerned that rising prices will discourage many people from extending their homes, further affecting construction businesses across the UK.

Stephen Giles, managing director of, said: "The only logical conclusion is that by adding further costs the conservatory market will suffer, putting a strain on suppliers and the building industry."

While the cost of installation could rise, the new regulations could ensure that homeowners save money in the long-term as their extensions or conservatories could retain heat more effectively.

The government is supporting energy-efficiency and plans to retrofit every home in the UK in the coming years.

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