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Solar panels 'still of interest to homeowners' - 15/11/2011

Interest in solar panels from those looking to benefit from cheap electricity will remain in spite of the government's recent changes to feed-in tariffs.

This is according to Claire Raven of Solar Panels 4U, who described the technology as "an investment".

Photovoltaic cells, combined with a green electricity tariff, could bring down energy expenditure for a household and Ms Raven noted price rises will be an "incentive" for homeowners to consider the technology.

She also suggested using them alongside ground heat pumps and air heat pumps to further bring down costs.

Energy minister Greg Barker's move to cut the amount of money paid to households that generate power using solar panels through the Feed-in Tariffs system was criticised by green energy campaigners, who warned it could be a setback for the renewables industry.

The proposed change will bring the tariff for schemes of up to 4kW in size down from 43.3p/kWh to 21p/kWh.

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