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Many people 'ignorant' of electrical dangers - 18/11/2011

A large number of Brits who may compare energy deals to find a cheap electricity tariff could be unaware of the risks of having outdated or badly-maintained wiring and appliances in their home.

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) stated that 1,000 people in the UK are injured every week in electrical accidents - with at least one fatality - but despite this, many people are ignorant of the risks these systems pose.

Individuals surveyed by the group rated the likelihood of such an event as similar to being struck by lightning or being involved in a plane crash, although in reality the risks of domestic electricity accidents are far higher.

Director general of the ESC Phil Buckle said: "There is a worrying gap between the public's perception of electrical danger and the reality, with people making simple yet potentially fatal errors that can be easily prevented."

There may also be a similar lack of awareness about the dangers of gas systems, as a recent study by the Carbon Monoxide - Be Alarmed campaign found only a fifth of people know the gas can be fatal.

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