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Millions facing choice between fuel or rent - 23/01/2012

Many people in the UK may be able to benefit from performing an energy comparison to find a cheap gas deal if they are struggling to meet their fuel bills.

Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Shelter revealed more than a fifth of people have opted to cut back on gas and electricity consumption in order to help pay their rent or meet mortgage repayments.

The charity noted this is an increase of 60 per cent since 2008, while it added a third have reduced their spending on food to make payments.

Chief executive of Shelter Campbell Rodd said: "These staggering findings show just how many millions of people are cutting back on essentials as the continued squeeze on incomes starts to really bite."

He added this has led to a large number of people being forced to make the tough choice between keeping warm, putting food on the table and paying for their home.

Recently, a survey by Saga found 90 per cent of people aged over 50 believe government grants are important in helping meet their domestic energy costs.

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