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Three-fifths of consumers unhappy with their energy firm - 27/01/2012

Many people may look to switch energy provider in order to find a cheaper deal and a higher level of service, as there is said to be widespread dissatisfaction with the industry.

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Avanade revealed 58 per cent of respondents were unhappy or indifferent about the level of service given by energy providers and the cost of their bills.

Switching may be a common activity as people seek out the best deals, as only 12 per cent of respondents said they feel loyalty towards their current firm.

Younger people may be the most willing to perform an energy comparison, as almost half of individuals aged between 18 and 24 changed suppliers in the last year.

Daryn Edgar, Avanade senior director dynamics UK, said: "If this trend continues, energy providers are really going to need to focus on their services to ensure they are able to retain a loyal customer base."

Recently, director of Mark Todd urged people who have missed out on savings in the latest round of price cuts to consider switching in order to find a better deal.

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