A lockdown debate: On the topic of tea

Is your cuppa costing you more at home?

Us Brits are drinking significantly more tea under lockdown.

Our research has revealed that 27.9 million extra hot drinks are being made per day. That’s part of a massive total of 7.6 billion since the coronavirus lockdown and social distancing measures started in the UK.  

So how much tea and coffee are we actually drinking in lockdown?  

155 million cups, all day, every day - that totals 7.6 billion hot drinks brewed up since lockdown began.

The increase in boiling for our brews has led to homes spending £17 million more on energy per month across the UK.  

Altogether, the UK is making an estimated 27.9 million extra cups of tea each day, with 25% of households admitting they get through eight cups or more.  

What makes a good cup of tea?

What constitutes a good cuppa varies from person to person. Whether it’s the colour, temperature, brewing time, liquid-to-mug ratio or the order in which the hot water and milk goes in.

According to our nationwide survey, 1/3 of Brits said they argue at least once a day about the tea-making skills in their household. 31% said someone in their household making a cup of tea for just themselves and not offering to make one for anyone else was also a daily battle.  

49% weren’t afraid to get into hot water with their family members or housemates about how to make tea correctly on a daily basis.  

But how do Brits do when we actually do offer to make the tea?  

Well, 36% of households in the UK said people in their home “always” get the hot drinks order right. While at the office, people were three times less likely to make a proper cup of tea, with only 11% of colleagues “always” getting a hot drinks order right.  

We found that men were three times more likely to complain about their colleagues' ability to make a brew, with 10% saying people “never” or “rarely” made a hot drink for them how they’d make it themselves. Only 5% of women made the same complaint.  

What’s the damage to our energy bills?  

Here’s what Tom Lyon, the Director of Energy here at energyhelpline, has to say on the severity of our extremely British habit:

“A comforting cuppa is a British tradition so it’s little wonder that we are turning more often to our kettles while we stay at home. However, being at home is also adding millions more to our energy bills. But with wholesale energy rates being at the cheapest price for years, now is a smart time to switch and save. In the time it takes to boil the kettle, you could bag an energy bargain and be on the path to saving hundreds of pounds a year.”

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