Energy-friendly tips for homeschooling during isolation

At a time when so many have the added responsibility of homeschooling, we thought we'd offer a few helpful tips to keep things structured, stimulating and fun.


Along with thinking about your own working from home schedule, some of you will also have the added responsibility of homeschooling your children and keeping them mentally stimulated until it's time for them to go back to the classroom.

Well, we thought we'd lend a hand and give you some tips to help you structure your day in a way that'll benefit the whole family, while also helping you cut back on energy usage around the home.

Get active, stay active

Burn off excess energy outside, while saving energy inside. Pause the technology and other energy-consuming devices and get your young ones moving for the ideal start to each day at home.

For those who don't have the space outside, there are plenty of virtual alternatives to help you. Try Body Coach Joe Wicks, for example, who streams every morning Monday to Friday from 9am on YouTube. His P.E sessions are completely free and widely available for any parent who wants to get their children active each morning!

Follow Joe Wicks' YouTube channel and join in the fun every weekday morning from 9am.

Stick to your routine

Just because you and the clan are rarely allowed out the front door, doesn't mean your normal daily routine has to go out the window.

Getting active as mentioned above is the perfect way to fill your day when you're homeschooling, so now you just have to focus on the rest of the day.

Divide your days up into lessons as children would have at school - there are plenty of websites to help you with lesson planning ideas to invigorate your childrens' minds. Get researching online and have some fun with it!

If you're struggling, BBC Bitesize is stocked full of core content that is still relevant for you to use, for children aged three all the way up to 16 and onwards.

A full day's worth of activity and studying keeps not only the young ones, but also the adults, away from anything in the home that requires the use of electricity, such as televisions, tablets and computers.

Stay unplugged until after 'school'

Your children wouldn't have access to the various technology at school during the day as they would at home. So, following on from the last point, treat the school hours in the day as tech-free time.

Not only is it a great way to reward children for their hard work during your homeschooling lessons, it prevents energy being used that would otherwise go untouched during any other regular day of school and work.

Make chores educational

Now might be as good a time as ever to merge chores into your child's daily routine, but with an educational twist.

Much like classrooms have a merit system whereby the best behaved and most hard working children are rewarded, you could do something very similar with a chore system. Every time your child performs a chore they get a sticker in a chart, and whoever has the most at the end of the week gets a reward and the Helper of the Week award.

Try turning mundane household jobs into fun games for your children, too. Scholastic, in their 9 Ways to Make Household Chore Fun, have come up with a fantastic way to keep your young ones interested in keeping the house sparkling clean.

Chores such as washing up dishes by hand and dust-panning floors instead of hoovering them are a few examples of chores you could use to make homeschooling fun while also cutting back on energy usage.

Family time

Use this time to bond and interact with one another on levels you wouldn't usually do if you were carrying on with normal life.

Dust the board games off and sit down after dinner to play them. It's not often you get to have all the family together at the same time, so make the most of it. Enjoy your time watching films and Netflix series during self-isolation, but make sure you savour the little things and spend the extra time on your hands together!

Homeschooling doesn't have to be about drilling all the information you can into the heads of young children. Try and make it fun, and challenge their minds on a daily basis. So let's roll it back a decade or two by switching the TV off, closing the laptop and unplugging the iPad - sometimes a little imagination is all you need to get the mind going.

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