British Gas, The UK’s Biggest Supplier is adding £60 to bills this month

Thankfully, higher bills might be avoided

British Gas, The UK’s Biggest Supplier is adding £60 to bills this month

A few weeks ago, British Gas, the UK’s largest supplier, announced a £60 a price rise to all of their Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs) – a 5.5% increase on bills. This increase will start affecting bills this month – starting in only a few weeks’ time, on 29 May.

And they are hardly alone. The majority of major suppliers have announced price hikes, all coming soon.


All Big Six price hikes announced so far, in chronological order:

  • April 19th- E.on – up 4.2% increase, avg. annual bill to increase up to £50*.
  • May 29th– British Gas, 5.5% increase, avg. annual bill to increase by £60*.
  • June 1st– Scottish Power, 5.5% increase, avg. annual bill to increase by £63*.
  • June 7th– EDF, 2.7% increase, avg. annual bill to increase by up to £28* (if you pay by cash or cheque).


If you are a British Gas Customer, does that mean you have to accept the price hike like it or not? No. Higher bills are not inevitable. In fact, if you act for the first time because of this price hike, you may end up with lower bills that you could have had for many years.

How much exactly? Well assuming you are an average user, you could take advantage of the best energy deal we offer on our site: the Igloo Pioneer tariff which offers average savings of £280 a month – priced at £871 annually. The last time the average British Gas bill was anywhere close to that was in 2007!*

Here is a quick selection of some of our top deals, and how much you could save by choosing a bargain tariff:



Switching is easier than ever, thanks to many government initiatives and supplier changes. Many suppliers now participate in the Energy Switch Guarantee, which promises to make switching as smooth as possible. And with an energy switching service (such as energyhelpline, of course), you can view the dozens of deals on the marketplace, and choose the one that’s right for you – whether you’d like to highlight top-notch service, green tariffs, or a certain supplier.

If you are on British Gas, and fear falling foul of the price hike, it is important that you switch as soon as possible. Switches can take a few weeks to process, meaning the sooner you switch, the more you can avoid the price hikes, and lock in a lower tariff.

Save & switch in minutes here.


*Average British Gas Dual Fuel Bill by Direct Debit was £892 in 2007 according to the BBC here.


Get a comparison today and you could save up to £461*

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Get a comparison today and save up to £461*