Britons pay highest electricity charges in Europe

Statistics from DECC show we pay the highest rates per kilowatt hour

Britons pay highest electricity charges in Europe

Britons might feel a bit hard done by when we receive our energy bills, but statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that we have good reason to be. According to the figures we pay the highest rates per kilowatt hour in Europe.

A typical UK household is paying 14.8p for every kilowatt hour (kWh) that they use of electricity. This compares very unfavourably to other countries in Europe, with Bulgaria only paying 5.75p and France paying just 8.02p respectively.

Why are we paying such high rates?

The reason we are paying much more than our continental cousins is the amount of work being undertaken to improve the energy infrastructure within the UK. Projects such as the recently announced nuclear power plant that will be built by the Chinese all add to the mounting infrastructure costs. With many experts suggesting that coal fired technology and renewable schemes cost far less than nuclear.

Costs are on the rise

For more bad news, we can also look at the statistic that costs have been rising faster in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. Within the last two years costs have increased by 12% compared to an average of 3% on the continent, according to the statisticians Eurostat.

What can I do?

Use less and spend less is the answer. By reducing consumption and ensuring you shop for the best energy deal you can fight back against the steady increase in costs. Switching can make a big difference, with hundreds of pounds separating the prices of standard deals and those at the cheap end of the market.


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