Clean energy to power all newly built homes in Wales from 2025

The UK's largest carbon neutral development is being built in Tonyrefail, South Wales.

Clean energy to power all newly built homes in Wales from 2025

From 2025, all newly built houses in Wales will be heated and powered by clean energy alone under new plans. 

In Wales, housing accounts for 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Houses built from 2025 onwards will be more energy efficient, and produce 80% less CO2 emissions. 

It is a change that will help the UK reach Net Zero by 2050.

Residents could also save up to £180 a year on bills under the new proposed standards to be implemented in Wales. 

These standards also include improving energy efficiency from 2020 by cutting out CO2 emissions from new builds by 37%, phasing out the use of high-carbon fossil fuels, improving energy efficiency by reducing heat loss in homes, and improving air quality. 

Julie James, Housing Minister, said: "To meet our target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2050, we need to take action now to make a significant step change to the way we heat and power our homes."

"The new homes being built today will exist in 2050. Therefore, we must ensure the standards we set for these homes put us on the right path."

"These measures will not only tackle climate change, but keep down household energy costs, helping people with the cost of living."

Source: BBC News


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