Could you switch to a green deal and still save on your energy?

How affordable is a renewable energy deal?

Could you switch to a green deal and still save on your energy?

The COP21 meeting in Paris, which is an attempt for global leaders to finally thrash out a workable agreement to tackle climate change, has justifiably brought global warming to the forefront of many consumers minds. Many households who are already struggling to cope with their bills may look at an environmentally-friendly energy tariff as a luxury they simply can't afford. However, are clean energy deals really as expensive as some might think?

How affordable is a renewable energy deal?

If you thought that a renewable energy deal was out of the typical families reach then you were mistaken. However the savings you make really depend on what your current deal is like and how clean you wish your future energy to be.

Green energy deals are those which have a percentage of their fuel sourced through renewable energy sources. This could be as little as 20% in some cases or as much as 100%. In some cases suppliers have green tariffs that use carbon offsetting to make their product fit under the green banner. Obviously electricity can currently only be sourced from renewable energy so the percentage will reflect how the electricity is generated, and gas will be traditionally generated.

The current cheapest 100% renewable electricity deal

As at the time of writing (Dec 7, 2015) Ovo's Greener Energy Fixed tariff is the cheapest deal to offer 100% renewable electricity. The tariff is currently on offer for £905/yr on average at medium usage when managed entirely online, a £193 annual saving on a typical bill of £1,098 (which is derived from averaging the Big Six suppliers standard deals).

With many customers paying standard prices this could offer a "best of both worlds" scenario. You could save nearly £200 a year and feel happy to be helping out the environment. Other suppliers offer lower percentage renewable fuel deals for even cheaper, such as Green Star, LoCO2, and indeed Ovo as well, should you want to maximise your savings further but at least partially move away from a traditional energy deal.

Finding a green deal

Using our price comparison site, it is very easy to filter your results to only show those deals with partial or 100% renewable energy. When you reach the results page simply select 'Green plans' from the 'list of filters. Your results will then only feature tariffs which are considered to be 'green' due to their mix of renewable energy and traditionally sourced fuel.

To see the exact fuel mix for the particular tariff you are interested in click on the "Tariff Details" to expand the information. The fuel mix will be explained within the additional tariff information box.


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