E.ON installs its 2 millionth smart meter

Big Six energy supplier celebrates milestone as national smart meter initiative continues

E.ON installs its 2 millionth smart meter

E.ON announced the installation of its two millionth smart meter on Tuesday, as the supplier has been taking strides to modernise its services.

Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON, commented on the positive environmental impact of smart meters by making energy “smart, personalised, and sustainable.”

“Through a combination of transformational actions both large and small by customers we can take responsibility across society and take positive action to help combat climate change, ensuring a more sustainable future for the next generation.

Last month, E.ON announced that it had switched all of its 3.3 million customers onto ‘100% renewable’ electricity without increasing the price of its tariffs.

National smart meter roll-out
The Data and Communications Company (DCC) are currently in the process of upgrading all first-generation smart meters, SMETS1, to become cross-compatible across all suppliers. This is intended to make switching easier for customers and, at the same time, allow them to retain smart meter technologies.

Big Six suppliers were the first to begin offering smart meters to their customers while small and medium-sized suppliers have been following suit in the last few years. The Isle of Man has also followed in Britain’s example and have commenced their own smart meter roll-out.

Manx Utilities, the Isle of Man’s flagship utility provider, announced a 4-year long project to upgrade the Crown dependency’s 50,000 analogue meters with smart meters. The £18.2 million project is expected to wrap up by the end of 2024.


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