E.on Offers new tariff with “free” cinema tickets

The tariff does however come at a cost

E.on Offers new tariff with “free” cinema tickets

E.on has announced that they will offer a new tariff that gives 2 cinema tickets a month to users, called the E.on Fixed One Year Cinema Bundle. The one-year fix tariff offers tickets to either Vue or Odeon cinemas, with redemption details emailed to tariff participants once a month.

The tariff does however come at a cost. The tariff will cost an average dual-fuel user £1,090* a year, which is only £45 cheaper than the cost of an average Standard Variable Tariff (which based on typical usage, costing about £1135* per year).

Tariffs with greater savings are available on the marketplace. At the time of this writing, the cheapest 1-year fixed tariff on offer is IRESA Flex4 12month Fixed, paid by direct debit, at a cost of £820.

Even when adding the cost of 2 cinema tickets a month, users could still financially come out ahead on other tariffs. According to the UK Cinema Association, the average cinema ticket is £7.41. Doing the math, it comes out as £7.41 (avg. ticket cost) x 2 tickets a month x 12 months a year = £177.84 a year.

That means that if you bought 2 tickets a month at £177.84, and coupled that with the cheapest tariff on offer at £820, your total cost would be £997.84. That means you would come out ahead by £112.16.

It’s also important to note that getting the tickets is also not necessarily straightforward. All users will get an email within 30 days of going on to the tariff, with instructions on how to register for their tickets online. After vouchers are distributed via email at the beginning of each month, users have 7 days to redeem them for tickets; however, once redeemed, the tickets are good for 12 months from there.

There is no pre-booking available for those who want to go to Vue – you can only buy tickets, in-person. With Odeon, you can only book online or on mobile, with no in-person tickets available.

Energy rewards schemes have dwindled in recent years, with only a few on offer. In addition to E.on’s cinema tariff, a few exist, including a £50 M&S gift card if you go on a 2 year fix, or a Npower offer of a free “Take Time Out” annual membership for their energy customers. EDF also has mentioned the introduction of a rewards scheme called “Cherries”, though exact details are not yet available.


*All calculations are for an average usage dual fuel household paying by monthly direct debit. Average usage as defined by OFGEM is 12,000 kWh pa of gas and 3,100 kWh pa of electricity. Includes publicly available tariffs that are available in at least 12 of the 14 regions of the UK. Excludes exclusive, collective and staff tariffs that are not generally available.


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