Electric vehicle charging points to be installed on all new homes

With the aim to lower emissions, the preparations for an electric vehicle surge could well be underway.

Electric vehicle charging points to be installed on all new homes

With the Government committed to reaching zero emissions by 2050, there are potential plans in place for all new homes built in England to be done so with electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

Housebuilders are said to be responsible as the driving force behind this enormous project, but there has been some scepticism regarding the justification of installing EV points outside every home. 

Developers will be expected to acquire the manpower necessary to install thousands of charging points. Another obstacle will be the future energy usage when it becomes law for each home with a designated car parking space to use an electric vehicle. 

James Stevens, Vice President of Residential Sales at Pod Point, said: “The reality is that the technology is moving so quickly that these issues are often overstated. The need to upgrade infrastructure and substations can now largely be mitigated by EV charging providers’ software and hardware platforms.”

It could also be argued the EV charging points installed outside new builds will not be used for a long time, and will, therefore, be a waste of both time, money and materials. 

But Miles Freeman, Head of Marketing for EO, suggested for just the means to be put in place for when the time comes to use electric vehicles, saying: “So, it’s achievable if housebuilders take a pragmatic approach towards the legislation and look for solutions that allow homeowners to install a charging point when they’re ready to do so.

Source: Show House


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