First-generation smart meters upgraded to full functionality

Great news for switchers as first-generation smart meters (SMETS1) will join national network, solving incompatibility issues

First-generation smart meters upgraded to full functionality

From 27th July, first-generation smart meters, also known as SMETS1 (Smart Meter Equipment Technical Specification) meters, will be granted the full functionalities of second-generation smart meters (SMETS2).

The Data and Communications Company (DCC) network, which is Britain’s national smart meter network, is beginning the first part of its three-phase roll-out to migrate SMETS1 onto their infrastructure.

The first phase will migrate ‘dormant meters’ onto the DCC; these are meters that only function as analogue meters rather than providing real-time data.

The SMETS1 migration is expected to wrap up by the end of 2020.

Any leftover SMETS1 meters that have not been successfully migrated will be automatically replaced with a SMETS2 meter.


SMETS1 meters and switching

The limited functionality of SMETS1 is due to the restricted communication system, which operates solely between a customer and the supplier who provided the SMETS1 meter.

As a result of this, customers who switch suppliers are unable to retain the use of their smart meter because of incompatibility issues across different supplier networks.

Whilst the SMETS2 meter and DCC network has overcome the issue of cross-compatibility and made switching much easier for consumers, there is still a limited stock of SMETS2 meters available and an assortment of network issues that still need to be resolved.


When will my smart meter be upgraded?

Unfortunately, this is entirely dependent on your current energy supplier and your area, as availability and network capabilities will dictate whether or not you are eligible for a second-generation meter at this time.

At present, most suppliers rely on consumers registering their interest and being put on a waitlist.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to have a smart meter installed in your home, then you can contact your supplier directly and let them know.


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