How to reduce your water heating bill

Our simple tips can help you use less hot water use and save on energy

How to reduce your water heating bill

The 20th January to 27th January 2020 is the UK’s annual Big Energy Saving Week, a national campaign started by Citizen's Advice to help people all across the country get cheaper energy bills.

When trying to reduce your household’s energy consumption, you don’t immediately think to check how much hot water you use.

Your boiler, kettle and other household appliances all need energy to heat up water so constantly using more than you need can impact negatively on your bills.

Ways to reduce your hot water usage and save on energy.

In the kitchen

You could save around £36 a year^ on energy by:

  • Filling up the sink or a bowl to wash up rather than leaving the tap running
  • Doing one less cycle of washing a week
  • Only putting as much water as you need for your cuppa in the kettle

In the bathroom

  • A typical family of four could save £75 a year on both energy and water bills^ if everyone shaved just a minute off their shower time 
  • Installing a water saving shower head which uses less water could save an average family of four around £70 on their gas bills^

Elsewhere in the home

  • As well as being very annoying, a dripping hot tap can add over £18 a year* to your energy bill. Make sure you get it sorted sooner rather than later!
  • Save up to £13 a year↟ by washing your clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40

You could be entitled to financial help with your energy

After you’ve put the above tips into action, it’s definitely worth checking to see if you’re eligible to receive any financial help from the government with your energy.

Certain groups are entitled to schemes and payments which will help you pay your energy bills and keep you warm throughout the winter.

Small print

^Citizens Advice - 2019. Big Energy Saving Week 20 Ways to Save

*OVO Energy 2019. How to: save water in the kitchen

↟Moneywise 2019. 10 smart ways to cut your energy bills and save hundreds of pounds


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