It's Black Friday everyday in the world of energy switching

Shopping for a cheap energy deal should be the same as bargain hunting for items.

It's Black Friday everyday in the world of energy switching

It is impossible to escape 'Black Friday' it seems. Waking up to an inbox full of lightning offers, one day only deals, and promises of cashback rewards from a range of retailers that fact is evident.

The American tradition of post-Thanksgiving holiday sales seems to have taken an odd hold over much of the UK. The Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday was named 'black' Friday due to the increase in accidents US police would have to deal with as shoppers flocked to buy Christmas presents. It has subsequently become a buzzword for scenes of chaos and violence as people battle it out to get deeply discounted items from retailers.

It might be frustrating for many that we have adopted this tradition from thousands of miles away, but it seems that it is very much a case of the horse having already bolted, UK shoppers are now hooked on Black Friday deals.

Within the world of energy switching we don't have Black Friday offers, but want to remind everyone that they should treat shopping for a cheap energy deal in the same manner that they do their bargain hunting for other items. Every week suppliers are battling for new business, but you can only benefit from this if you shop around. Sit on the sidelines and you will simply be fleeced by your supplier as they use your money to give discounts to those that do shop.

So, this Black Friday, whether you are mass consuming or opting out, remember to keep your energy tariff bargain shopping in mind as well. Set reminders for when your current fixed deal runs out, don't stay on standard tariffs, and make the suppliers and market work for you.


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