Ofgem releases new figures in State of the Energy Market report

The energy regulator reports on the way the energy industry has progressed.

Ofgem releases new figures in State of the Energy Market report

Ofgem has released its latest State of the Energy Market report, offering insights into the energy industry and how it has progressed throughout 2019.

The report found that 20% of energy customers switched suppliers between July 2018 and June 2019, up from last year’s 19%.

The amount of UK customers on a default tariff, however, has not changed, staying at 53% compared to last year.

The UK now has more gas and electricity suppliers compared to last year, with 158 firms shipping gas and 189 companies generating electricity.

The report also stated that the average energy bill for a typical customer has increased from £1,117 to £1,184 - an increase of 4%.

Subsequently, the proportion of expenditure that low income houses spend on energy is now 8% compared to 4% for average income households.

Green energy was also a big focus on the report, with the UK reducing its carbon emissions by 50% between 2010 and 2018.

Electric car takeup has also increased by 35% compared to last year, with an overall share of 2.5%.

403 million cubic metres was the maximum demand for gas during winter 2018/19, down from 418 the previous winter.

Overall, it’s good news for greener energy, with 850,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide reduced by energy companies since 2015.


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