Ofgem welcomes drop in customer complaints - 3.5 Million Complaints in 2016

Energy complaints at lowest level for three years

Ofgem welcomes drop in customer complaints - 3.5 Million Complaints in 2016

Data published by regulator Ofgem, has today revealed that total number of energy complaints are at their lowest for three years.

Complaints dropped by almost a third at 32%, from approximately 5 million in 2015 to 3.5million in 2016. Stats also showed that large and medium suppliers managed to solve at least 90 per cent of complaints within 8 weeks.

Ofgem believe that this reduction in complaints is down to increased competition forcing suppliers to compete on customer service. Just last week, Ofgem announced that energy switching has reached a six-year high with more households shopping around for a better deal.

Ofgem chief executive Dermot Nolan has said:  "Ofgem welcomes the overall fall in complaints since 2014. We are seeing clear signs that some suppliers are competing harder on customer service. This is good, as it puts pressure on poor-performing companies to up their game or lose market share.”

Mark Todd, co-founder of energy price comparison site, energyhelpline comments;

“For too long complaints in the energy industry have been far too high. Five million complaints in 2015 was a total disgrace. In recent surveys, energy companies have only been beaten by pay day loan companies in terms of customer distrust. That is how bad it has got. Customer complaints have now fallen by 32% and that is a step in the right direction. However, as energy prices rise, 3.5 million customers have still ended up disappointed and complaining.”

“Ofgem have issued a record £50M in fines to companies for poor service and this seems to be working. At energyhelpline we research energy company’s service standards. The ones that we find to offer the best are: EDF, SSE, Ovo, British Gas, Sainsbury’s Energy and M&S Energy. Choosing one of these companies will give customers the best chance of getting a good service.”

“Customers should remember that if their energy provider is not up to scratch, there are now 50 other suppliers on the market to choose from. Switching energy is easy and generally saves a few hundred pounds too.”




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