Scottish Power Price Rise

Fifth energy supplier raises prices

Scottish Power Price Rise

Scottish Power are now the fifth energy supplier to increase their standard tariff prices by £117.

This leaves only one Big Six supplier, SSE, who have not raised their prices.

900,000 customers will be affected by this price rise, for Scottish Power alone.

The price rise will come into effect from April 1st this year. Those on the standard tariff will see a 10% price increase from Scottish Power, whilst those on prepayment meters will see one closer to 9%.

This price increase follows the likes of E.ON, EDF, Npower, and British Gas, which have all upped their prices in the past week.  

All of these price hikes are in line with the recently raised level of the energy price cap, taking their standard tariffs up to £1254^.

SSE are expected to raise their prices next very soon.

Victoria Arrington, spokesperson at energyhelpline, stated: “Another domino falls today, as Scottish Power becomes the fifth of the Big Six to raise prices after the price cap announcement less than a fortnight ago. Now 900,000 Scottish Power customers will now be paying a grand total of £105 million more per year for their energy. So far, this run of Big Six price rises have hit 8.9 million UK customers across the board.   

“Customers are not going to put up with these ongoing hikes for much longer, and with the increasingly popularity of switching quickly and easily online, they simply don't have to. If your one of those affected by costly energy bills, please take a moment to find the best energy deal you can. It could make a worthwhile difference in your finances, with those who switch saving £300* on average.”

You can compare and switch your energy bill here.

*Average saving of £300 per year calculated with average usage and after the price cap increase to £1254 on April 1st 2019. Usage for a typical home as per OFGEM guidelines: Gas 12,000 kWh pa and Electricity 3,100 kWh pa, based on paperless billing paid by monthly direct debit.

^Averages are calculated for a typical usage home taking gas and electricity and paying by monthly direct debit. Usage for a typical home as per OFGEM guidelines: Gas 12,000 kWh pa and Electricity 3,100 kWh pa.


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