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Energy customers have been turning away from ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, with a record number switching to smaller suppliers. In June 2018, 49 percent of customers switched to smaller firms, despite numerous price hikes.

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One in five customers are now with a small or medium sized energy provider.

This could be due to more customers feeling more confident switching their energy provider, instead of sticking with a Big Six supplier out of comfort.

Smaller suppliers are often cheaper then large suppliers, for many reasons (such as less overhead). The cost difference is even more relevant right now, after so many price hikes took place last year from the Big Six. There are also now more small suppliers than ever before, giving customers loads of choice.

Mark Todd, co-founder or energyhelpline, said: 'With smaller suppliers often offering the cheapest prices, and £300 a year savings potentially available, it's no wonder so many people are currently switching to them.

'Switching energy is really easy and takes just a few minutes. Grab a recent bill and visit a price comparison service online or call one up. In minutes you can see lots of options, your possible savings and get switching.

'It's really easy to do and gets lots of money back in your pocket. The question to ask is "Would you rather have £300 or would you prefer your energy supplier to have it?"'

There are loads of benefits to small suppliers.

Research by Which? showed smaller suppliers often beat large suppliers for customer service traits, such as billing accuracy, phone customer service, online customer service, and most importantly leading in value for money.

It also showed that Big Six companies had the least satisfied customers, with medium and small suppliers having much more satisfaction, and fewer customers with problems in the last two years.

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