SSE removes exit fees from selected fixed tariffs

Big Six energy firm revises tariffs and bundle deals for customers

SSE removes exit fees from selected fixed tariffs

From 21st August this year, SSE will be removing exit fees from the majority of its newly released energy tariffs.

Tariffs that were launched on or after 21st August, such as the 1 Year Fix and Protect v3, will have their exit fees removed. However, customers who are already on a fixed tariff will not be able to benefit from these changes by SSE.

This means that customers who have joined a fixed tariff in the last week are unhappy with the unit rates or standing charges on their new tariff, they can switch suppliers without incurring any penalties.

On top of removing exit fees, the energy firm will also be reducing its bundled deals from 21st August onwards. Products such as its Fix and Fibre bundle — which includes energy, phone, and broadband — will be reduced by £87.

Similarly, its Fix and Protect bundle deal, comprising an energy tariff and boulder cover, will be reduced by £74.

However, some customers may see a rise in their energy bills due to increasing standing charge rates. This is a result of Ofgem revising standing charge rates due to the price cap change.


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