The first community-generated renewable electricity tariff in the UK

Co-op Energy power their energy tariff with 100% solar and wind energy.

The first community-generated renewable electricity tariff in the UK

The first energy tariff to offer clean electricity solely from the work of local populations in community projects will soon be available.

Homes all around the UK will soon be able to harness the good work of many throughout the country and use the electricity generated through wind and solar farms to power their homes.

Co-op Energy are behind the tariff, as more and more energy suppliers look to make themselves as sustainable as possible to attract the greener customers out there. They’ll charge an additional £5 per month over their regular energy tariff to provide electricity from the community projects, along with carbon-offset gas as an added incentive.

Co-op energy, who are owned by green energy supplier Octopus Energy, will source its electricity from 90 renewable energy generation projects across the country. All profits will be put back into maintaining the community projects - a great gesture to show how enthusiastic they are about transforming the energy market.

The chief executive of Midcounties Co-operative Phil Ponsonby, said this particular tariff is the UK’s only one to be powered by 100% community-generated renewables. Ponsonby further said that the wind and solar projects that generate electricity for the tariff “plough the profits they make into their neighbourhoods or into helping other similar projects get off the ground.”

Source: The Guardian


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