The Energy Switch Guarantee

It’s a promise that your switch will free & easy. Here’s how.


What is it?

The Energy Switch Guarantee is a voluntary supplier pledge, created to make switches free, easy and seamless for customers. The guarantee was developed by Energy UK, which is the trade association for the UK energy industry.

Some of the promises include:

  • Free of Charge: Switching is free for you.
  • No Interruptions to You: There will be no home visits – everything is taken care of “behind the scenes”. Also, there will be no gap in your supply – you won’t even notice when the supplier changes over.
  • Automatic Refunds: Credit will be automatically be refunded back to you within 14 days of your final bill date.


Other promises include:

  • Your new supplier will handle all communications with your old post-switch.
  • Your switch will take 21 days or less including a 14-day cooling off period.
  • Your new supplier will  send you your new details right away.
  • After switching, you can change your mind for any reason for 14 days, without any charges or penalties.
  • Any issues? Your new supplier promises to look after it.


Who is a part of The Energy Switch Guarantee?

Does that include your current supplier? If so, switch & save now, with the comfort of knowing it couldn’t be easier.

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