GOTO Energy Review: Is It Worth Switching?

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We want to help you find the best possible deal on your gas and electricity so we’ve taken an in-depth look at what’s on offer from some of Britain’s largest energy suppliers. Here’s our review of goto.energy where we examine its key features, including its green credentials and quality of customer service, so you can make an informed decision when switching.  

Who are goto.energy?

While they were founded in 2019, goto.energy is built on 25 years of experience in sourcing energy supplies in the market. They proclaim to offer “energy for grownups'' which is reflected in the refreshingly simple, efficient way they operate. By purchasing energy in advance, including clean, renewable electricity, they are able to make significant savings which are then passed onto you in the form of cheaper energy bills.  

What energy tariffs do goto.energy offer?

The full list of tariffs goto.energy have available isn’t displayed on their website. To see which of these you can purchase you will need to enter your postcode and select the get a quote option. It’s very simple to do and shouldn’t take too long.  

Your quote will be more accurate if you’re able to give up-to-date information about your energy usage so it’s a good idea to have a recent bill to hand.  

A couple of the energy tariffs goto.energy have available include:

GOTO Standard Variable Tariff  

This type of deal doesn’t charge one set price per unit of energy meaning that you’ll see the cost of your energy bills fluctuate from month to month.  

  • Price of your bills will go up and down
  • You won’t be charged any exit fees

Direct Control Green Mar 2022 V4  

It’s effectively the opposite with a fixed deal which locks in the price of a single unit of energy. While you’re protected against price rises which occur as a result of changes to wholesale costs it’s not guaranteed your bills will always remain the same. If you use more gas and electricity, they will become more expensive.  

  • Your price is set for 12 months
  • Charge of £40 per fuel exit fee

How green is goto.energy?

All of the electricity supplied by goto.energy is 100% renewable which, according to the data they’ve published on their fuel mix, is generated using solar power, wind farms and hydro power.  While the gas they provide isn’t 100% renewable, it’s still greener than that offered by certain rival suppliers.  

Goto.energy describes the gas they provide as being “responsibly sourced to minimise environmental impact.” This means that there’s far less carbon dioxide, an incredibly harmful gas that contributes to climate change, emitted during its production.  

What is goto.energy’s customer service like?

Goto.energy boasts fantastic reviews on well-known consumer review site Trustpilot. It’s currently rated a very impressive 4.7 stars out of 5 with a sizable 78% of its 1,132 reviews labelled as excellent. Many of these reviews describe their service as polite, efficient and say that they offer reasonable prices.  

On our own supplier table, which was compiled by considering the features of their tariffs, Citizens Advice’s complaints data and other such information, goto.energy sits toward the middle holding a perfectly average 3 out of 5 star rating.  

What is goto.energy's contact number?

Contact goto.energy's customer service team on 0800 056 4843.

Can I take any other services from goto.energy?

Goto.energy has elected to focus solely on providing their customers with affordable energy so they don’t offer any additional services alongside their electricity and dual fuel tariffs.  

Can I take a smart meter with goto.energy?

Goto.energy are now in the process of rolling out smart meters to their customers. While they’re not mandatory, smart meters can help you to save on your energy bills. They automatically submit your gas and electricity readings to your supplier so you no longer have to rely on estimated billing.  

The accompanying in-home digital display also enables you to track your energy usage in real time so you can clearly see where you need to cut down. Where possible SMETS 2 meters, the model which keeps its smart functionality after you switch suppliers, will be installed. Otherwise, you’ll receive a SMETS 1 meter.  

Does goto.energy offer the Warm Home Discount?

At the time of writing, goto.energy is not part of the Warm Home Discount scheme. This was created by the UK government in order to help vulnerable customers, such as the elderly or those on a low-income, from slipping into fuel poverty during the winter months.  

If you’re thinking about switching to goto.energy and fall into one of these categories, don’t panic. You may be eligible for other government schemes like the Winter Fuel Allowance which will also help with the cost of your energy bills.  

Should I switch to goto.energy?

Goto.energy is perfect for any consumer that’s looking for a straightforward, reliable alternative. It may be missing some of the extra benefits offered by major suppliers but it’s able to provide great-value, environmentally friendly tariffs and excellent customer service.

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