Best UK Energy Suppliers - 2022 Ratings & Switching Guide

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Best UK Energy Suppliers

Whilst energy prices may be an important factor when selecting your next energy supplier, you do not want to sign up with a supplier who has poor customer service, inaccurate billing and other issues. 

With increasing UK energy prices, it has never been more important to understand your energy supplier. We’ve created several helpful guides including ‘should I fix my energy until 2023’ and ‘fixed or variable tariffs’ to help you make an educated unbiased decision on your energy provider. 

In a volatile energy market, no UK household or business energy user should sacrifice great customer service. With that being said, here’s our 2022 ratings and energy switching guide to help you make informed decisions. 

2022 Energy Supplier Rankings 

Here at Energy Helpline we like to make things easy for you. That’s why we’ve created a table filled with a large number of suppliers here in the UK, a little bit about them and how highly they are rated.  

Each score rating has been generated by using specific information, such as the features of tariffs the energy suppliers have to offer, Which? recommendations and Citizen’s Advice complaints data.  

We hope you can gather the information you need about particular suppliers using the table we have created below, while also using it to help you make any decisions if you’re thinking about switching your current domestic or business energy supplier. The suppliers are also ordered according to their rating, so you can start from the top knowing you’re reading the most well-thought-of first! 

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EDF Energy logo

EDF Energy was founded in 2002 and is now counted as one of the largest suppliers in the country. They have taken a slight tumble from the last year’s ratings scoring poorly for customer service and value for money. However, they do have relatively strong payment accuracy. 

British Gas logo

British Gas is the largest provider of gas and electricity in the UK, beginning life as the world’s first public utility company, and now serving around 12 million energy customers. A household name that has scored lower than some rising stars for multiple years and falling short in customer service. 

Bulb logo

Bulb offers one simple tariff sourced from 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas. It is committed to making energy greener, cheaper and simpler, giving customers a competitive option for their supply. Bulb is pretty much a middle-of-the-pack energy supplier when it comes to value and customer satisfaction. 

E.ON logo

E.ON is a large energy supplier that provides smart and sustainable energy solutions. They score low in pretty much every area. They’re still a large name that consumers trust. 

E is an energy company based in Birmingham, UK, that aims to make everything as simple and straightforward for its customers as possible, while keeping costs down to a minimum. They operate differently from most suppliers by rewarding customers for loyalty, rather than penalising them with early exit fees for leaving.  

coop energy

Co-op Energy is the UK’s leading supporter of renewable, community-generated energy, and is an energy company that prides itself on fair pricing and simple billing. Since August 2019, Co-op Energy’s energy supply, billing and customer service have been taken care of by Octopus Energy.


Ecotricity started with a goal to change the way electricity is made and used in the United Kingdom. When Ecotricity started out, conventional electricity was responsible for 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions, causing the company to be built on values that will help to create a brighter and more sustainable future.  

good energy 

Good Energy is an energy supplier based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and for 20 years its mission has been to provide UK homes and businesses with greener energy. When customers become a part of Good Energy, they are investing in renewable power as a shareholder, while powering their homes with planet-friendly energy. 

eon next

E.ON Next has sprung onto the market offering a range of fixed tariffs during the UK energy crisis. As a result, and possibly because of the current market situation, they have scored low on value for money. 

Octopus Energy logo

Octopus Energy specialises in affordable and sustainable electricity and gas. Octopus Energy aims to provide fair prices for everyone while providing and maintaining an excellent customer service experience. They’re now a household name and have consistently topped the energy supplier rankings collecting multiple awards along the way. 

OVO Energy logo

Ovo has grown rapidly and has even acquired SSE customers. They score strongly across the board with customer satisfaction and value for money. 

Scottish Power logo

Scottish Power is proud to announce that all of their new fixed price tariffs provide 100% green electricity to customers and their homes. Another household name but has unfortunately scored the worse out of our suppliers for customer satisfaction. 

Shell Energy logo

Shell Energy provides customers with 100% renewable electricity, along with smart home technology and broadband services. Another middle-of-pack energy supplier scoring average in just about every category. 

Utility Warehouse logo

Utility Warehouse prides itself on being one of the UK’s only multiservice providers, with 650,000 customers and fully regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom and the Financial Conduct Authority. They pride themselves on customer service and have scored high consistently in this category. They’re also great value for money if you make use of their other products. 

Outfox the Market logo

Outfox the Market’s energy mix is 100% clean wind electricity, helping customers fight climate change with every tariff that is taken out with them. They score well in value for money as this is their main benefit as they break into a competitive market. 

What Makes A Great Energy Supplier? 

Our rankings are based on several factors taking into account Which? satisfaction reviews, Citizen’s Advice reviews and our expert knowledge. Our research looks into customer satisfaction, tariff offerings, value for money and payment accuracy. 

The energy suppliers that score high often have strong value for money and customer satisfaction. Doing these well often means the customer is happy. 

Whilst these scores primarily look at the domestic energy market, it often offers useful insight into how the company is likely to handle business energy customers. 

Who Is The Cheapest Energy Supplier? 

You may not care that much about anything but the price of your energy. The cheapest energy supplier changes daily so it is nearly impossible to say. The domestic market is going through a turbulent time at the moment so you’re better referring to the current Ofgem energy price cap.  

For business energy, whilst the market is turbulent in the same ways as the domestic market, businesses can still freely switch to a fixed rate tariff. 

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