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Our energy supplier table 

Here at Energy Helpline we like to make things easy for you. That’s why we’ve created a table filled with a large number of suppliers here in the UK, a little bit about them and how highly they are rated.  

Each score rating has been generated by using specific information, such as the features of tariffs the energy suppliers have to offer and Citizen’s Advice complaints data.  

We hope you can gather the information you need about particular suppliers using the table we have created below, while also using it to help you make any decisions if you’re thinking about switching your current domestic or business energy supplier. The suppliers are also ordered according to their rating, so you can start from the top knowing you’re reading the most well-thought of first! 

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EDF Energy logo
EDF Energy was founded in 2002, and is now counted as one of the largest suppliers in the country. Impressively, it is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity and the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain.
SSE logo
SSE is now part of  the OVO family, one of the UK's leading energy companies. With SSE, you can spread the cost of energy and save money through paying by Direct Debit, and you can get presale tickets or access to big events through SSE Reward.


British Gas logo


British Gas is the largest provider of gas and electricity in the UK, beginning life as the world’s first public utility company, and now serving around 12 million energy customers. As part of its dedication to making a difference, it created the British Gas Energy Trust in 2004.


Bulb logo
Bulb offers one simple tariff sourced from 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas. It is committed to making energy greener, cheaper and simpler, giving customers a competitive option for their supply. Bulb aims to minimise its own use of paper, so only offers paperless billing.


E.ON logo
E.ON is a large energy supplier that provides smart and sustainable energy solutions. Around four million customers in the UK choose E.ON to meet their energy needs, and this supplier places a great deal of emphasis on maintaining high standards.
E is an energy company based in Birmingham, UK, who aims to make everything as simple and straightforward for their customers as possible, while keeping costs down to a minimum. They operate differently to most suppliers by rewarding customers for loyalty, rather than penalising them with early exit fees for leaving.  
Co-op Energy logo
Co-op Energy is the UK’s leading supporter of renewable, community-generated energy, and are an energy company who pride themselves on fair pricing and simple billing. Since August 2019, Co-op Energy’s energy supply, billing and customer service have been taken care of by Octopus Energy.
Ecotricity logo
Ecotricity started with a goal to change the way electricity is made and used in the United Kingdom. When Ecotricity started out, conventional electricity was responsible for 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions, causing the company to be built on values that will help to create a brighter and more sustainable future.  
Good Energy logo
Good Energy is an energy supplier based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and for 20 years its mission has been to provide UK homes and businesses with greener energy. When customers become a part of Good Energy, they are investing in renewable power as a shareholder, while powering their homes with planet-friendly energy. 
Green Network Energy logo
Green Network Energy are an Italian energy company, moving to the UK to further spread the work they are doing in Italy. The company has grown successfully in Italy, making customers its number one priority by giving them more choice about how they manage their energy needs. 
Igloo Energy logo
Igloo Energy exists to make customers’ homes more energy efficient, helping them save money in the long run and clearing up our energy network. Making a profit isn’t a priority of Igloo Energy, instead analysing your data is, helping you reduce how much energy you use in your home. 
Npower logo
Npower, part of the E.ON group, serves 3.6 million residential and business accounts with electricity and gas tariffs. Since 2015, npower’s Fuel Bank has helped over 100,000 people in fuel crises with emergency fuel top ups, and supports people living in poverty with the food bank charity, the Trussell Trust. 
Octopus Energy logo
Octopus Energy specialise in affordable and sustainable electricity and gas. Octopus Energy aims to provide fair prices for everyone, while providing and maintaining an excellent customer service experience. 100% of their electricity comes  from renewable sources such as the sun, wind and water. 
OVO Energy logo
Launching in 2009, Ovo Energy set out to make energy cheaper and greener for its customers. Since then they’ve amalgamated a customer base of over one million, planted trees to help offset the carbon emissions produced by their customers and set their sights firmly on making the world a greener place. 
PFP Energy logo
PFP Energy wants to keep everything simple, from simple tariffs to simple bills and online account management. They keep costs down for customers by sharing any savings - when they save, you save. For the most accurate billing, PFP has customers provide monthly meter readings via the online account system. 
Pure Planet logo
With 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, Pure Planet really cares about the environment. Its energy is made up of wind and sun, and is cheaper than any energy that ends up polluting the environment. For a clearer future, Pure Planet refuses to use fossil fuel energy.
Robin Hood Energy logo
Robin Hood Energy has been bought out by British Gas, meaning that all of their customers that were served by Robin Hood Energy will move across to British Gas. They promise to match or beat the price of the current tariffs customers had with Robin Hood Energy.
Scottish Power logo
Scottish Power is proud to announce that all of their new fixed price tariffs provide 100% green electricity to customers and their homes. What’s better is they generate their wind energy themselves right here in the United Kingdom, helping create jobs within local communities. 
Shell Energy logo
Shell Energy provides customers with 100% renewable electricity, along with smart home technology and broadband services. To reward loyalty to customers, Shell offers exclusive savings on fuel at Shell petrol stations with the Shell Go+ rewards programme, with broadband discounts for existing customers. 
Utility Warehouse logo
Utility Warehouse prides itself on being one of the UK’s only multiservice providers, with 650,000 customers and fully regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom and the Financial Conduct Authority. Its bundles all home services into one package, allowing customers to keep track of everything all in one place.
Affect Energy logo
Affect Energy is made up of a team with over 50 years of energy industry experience. The company uses this experience to deliver the necessities: cheap gas and electricity with no funny business. With its large supplier experience, Affect Energy believes its in a great position to deliver everything people want. 
Avro Energy logo
Avro Energy is a relatively new energy supplier, beginning things back in December 2015 with the goal to simplify the energy supplier experience for their customer base. Its focus is to supply customers with energy that saves them money with good value energy gas and electricity tariffs. 
Bristol Energy logo
Bristol Energy wants to help you spend as little as possible on your energy bills. So, when Bristol Energy makes a saving, it wants their customers to make a saving, too. The company has recently been bought by Together Energy too, a company that strives to deliver 100% green electricity to new customers. 
ENSTROGA are here to help people avoid the hefty prices the large suppliers can be guilty of charging. Its one goal is to provide cheaper energy and a great service for its customers, and as an independent supplier, it believes it’s suited for the task. 
ESB Energy logo
Offering 100% renewable green electricity at no extra cost, ESB Energy believes helping the planet shouldn’t come at hefty prices. It hopes to completely transition to green tariffs, leaving old, brown tariffs that are guilty of pumping carbon into the atmosphere in the past. 
GOTO Energy logo
Dubbed as “energy for grown-ups,” GOTO Energy offers all green energy tariffs from sustainable sources, and all its gas is sustainably sourced to minimise the impact on the environment. Buying energy in advance, GOTO Energy can guarantee fixed prices at good rates, passing on the savings. 
Green Energy logo
Green is an energy supplier based in the North East of England and pride themselves on an innovative digital customer-based approach to buying and managing energy. The digital members area has been designed to allow customers to enjoy a tailored experience into usage and spend insight. 
Transferring to Shell Energy in the next few months, customers of Green Star Energy will be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits Shell Energy has to offer at their service stations. Customers will also benefit from 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost. 
iSupply Energy logo
All of iSupply Energy’s customers will be transferring to EDF Energy, as they are no longer taking on new energy customer accounts. If you’re already a customer, your prices will not go up, your supply will not be halted and you do not need to do anything. 
Orbit Energy logo
With its electricity and gas supplied by Shell Energy, Orbit Energy will always offer customers secure, competitively-priced energy. Its prices are all below the price cap, too, so customers will never feel like they are overpaying for their energy. 
Outfox the Market logo
Outfox the Market’s energy mix is 100% clean wind electricity, helping customers fight climate change with every tariff that is taken out with them. Outfox the Market is also priced £250 cheaper than the Ofgem price cap, offering green energy for a great price.  
People's Energy logo
People’s Energy is a crowdfunded energy supplier by a group of people who thought they could do it better than the bigger companies. Its focus is its customers, and they prove this by paying 75% of all profits back to domestic members through an annual rebate. 
Powershop Energy logo
Powershop has “proven” themselves down under, being popular in both Australia and New Zealand, and now they’re bringing their energy expertise to the UK. Having been around since 2009 and with the financial backing on npower, Powershop expect to assert itself firmly within the UK market. 
Simplicity Energy logo
Simplicity Energy wants to do just that: keep things simple. They’ve removed complications that come with energy, and promise to always offer fair prices, provide clear and easy-to-read bills and pick up the phone and answer the questions to need answering most. 
So Energy logo
So Energy wants to build the public’s trust up in energy suppliers again - that’s why the people at So Energy started. By keeping things simple, the company hopes to keep costs down to a minimum, and in turn keep the costs of their customer’s tariffs down to a minimum, too. 
Spark Energy logo
Spark Energy will soon be merging with their sister brand, SSE. Existing Spark Energy customers will be moved over to SEE, a company who shares the same values and offers the same great service, so it’ll be as though they never even left in the first place. 
Symbio Energy logo
Symbio Energy refers to itself as the cheapest energy supplier in the UK, saving customers across the country millions of pounds. Taking both affordability and sustainability seriously, Symbio Energy believes everyone should be paying less for their energy, offering 100% green electricity at no extra cost. 
Tonik logo
Tonik supplies customers with 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas, with the rest being carbon offset. The welfare of the environment is of its utmost concern, harvesting energy from the earth’s natural sources such as solar power, wind power and biogas. 
Utilita logo
Utilita are one of the only suppliers in the UK to have no standing charge on their tariffs, meaning customers don’t have to pay a penny if they don’t use any energy. Using smart meters, Utilita will only charge customers for the energy they’ve used, so no estimates are needed.
Yorkshire Energy logo
Yorkshire Energy puts its customers and the welfare of the planet before any profit. It’s a supplier who wants to keep things simple, from its utility bills to its straight-forward tariffs, offering fair prices to customers and passing on any savings made. 
Zebra Power logo
Zebra Power’s aim is to offer competitive prices while providing excellent customer service, but making sure everything is in black and white terms and no grey areas - hence the name! Above anything else, Zebra power values customer loyalty and does everything it can to retain members. 
London Power logo
Founded by the Mayor of London and powered by Octopus Energy, London Power was created to give Londoners fairly-priced energy that’s good for both the environment and the local community. The partnership brings both the knowledge and products necessary to create a new kind of inner city energy company. 
Gulf Gas and Power logo
Gulf Gas and Power provides customers with 100% renewable electricity without charging any extra, believing supplying customers with affordable, renewable energy should be a given these days. It also supports communities across the world by funding carbon neutral gas development projects.
Better Energy logo
Better Energy is a renewable energy company that creates large amounts of green energy at an affordable rate, largely owed to its own renewable power plants that have been designed, developed, engineered, built and operated by the company itself. 
Daligas logo
Daligas is a private energy company based in London. Operated by an interdependent team of experienced people in the energy field, Daligas aims to offer customers the best possible product at the lowest possible prices, whether you’re at home or looking for your business. 
Entice Energy logo
Entice Energy is a new, smaller energy company based in Mansfield, offering simple tariffs at reasonable prices to help energy consumers around the country make big savings on their energy bills. Combined with a customer support team who truly care, Entice Energy hopes to become a respected supplier. 
Green Energy UK logo
Green Energy UK strives to lead the way in green and sustainable energy in the United Kingdom, always ensuring the energy it feeds back into the grid is of the highest quality, while also taking the time to keep customers happy by maintaining the very best customer service they can. 
Lumo Energy logo
Lumo Energy is home to the online energy tariff. Customers can get a one year fixed rate, 50% renewable electricity, dual-fuel only tariff that they can manage online using Lumo’s app, where things such as balance and meter readings can be viewed and meter readings submitted.
Nabuh Energy logo
Using Smart Meter technology, Nabuh Energy aims to simplify the energy supply process by offering smart, affordable and rewarding tariffs. It does offer regular tariffs, but they encourage you to convert to a smart meter to make your life at home much easier.
Together Energy logo
Offering some of the cheapest 2 and 3 year fixed deals in the United Kingdom, Together Energy like to provide its customers with a long-term peace of mind, knowing they are on a great value-for-money deal for the foreseeable future. 
Twenty Energy logo
Twenty Energy guarantee that a minimum of 20% of their business goes to charitable organisations! Offering what they say is the minimum of cheaper, greener energy, customers can also expect industry-leading customer service if they were to have any issues with their supply.
Utility Point logo
Utility Point is an energy company that loves to reward customers for their loyalty. Along with a great priced tariff when you sign up, customers can also expect rewards and benefits and clear and affordable pricing, allowing them to be in control of their own energy supply. 
Zog Energy logo
Zog Energy’s founders started because they wanted to find the best energy solution for themselves. This led to Zog offering customers a transparent, no-nonsense tariff that is easy to understand, which they hope will appeal to people exactly like them. 
MoneyPlus Energy logo
MoneyPlus energy does things a bit differently. Instead of a traditional tariff, MoneyPlus Energy’s bills are made up of two key parts: the customers' direct costs and the management costs. The price the company is charged for energy, is the price the company charges its customers. 
Neon Reef logo
Neon Reef wants you to feel proud of the way you fuel your home. That’s why it’s passionate about only supplying customers with green electricity that won’t bring any harm to the environment. With their app, customers are able to manage their account 24/7, too.
Omni Energy logo
Omni Energy is a bit different, in that those who started it wanted to make prepayment and PAYG energy better. Omni wishes to fix the poor customer support experience usually by PAYG customers, and establish fair prices for them that reflect the wholesale cost of energy. 

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