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It's important to understand how your energy supplier is supplying you with renewable electricity. If your tariff claims to be 100% renewable electricity, it means your supplier only generates naturally sourced energy, and essentially replaces the electricity you use with renewables by feeding it back into the electrical grid. 

Sometimes suppliers will also offer 100% green gas, although this is usually extremely rare, but if they do, it'll work in the same way as renewable electricity generation does. The alternative to offering 100% green gas is funding international projects around the globe that aim to reduce carbon emissions, offsetting all carbon that is released into the atmosphere through their customer's use of energy. 

Which renewable energy company is best?

If you want to contribute towards a greener world, there’s no better way to start than by changing your energy supplier to one that provides renewable energy. You'll be surprised to know that a lot of energy suppliers these days offer 100% renewable electricity tariffs, so when asking who the best green energy supplier is, you could be looking a long time for answer.

Instead, we’ve put together a list of the greenest and cleanest energy suppliers in the game right now, so given the information provided, it's up to you who think is best before you look to switch. 

Our list of green energy suppliers

Octopus Energy

All the tariffs Octopus Energy has to offer use 100% renewable forms of electricity from sunlight, wind and water and it’s backed by the UK’s largest investor in solar power, Octopus Investments. 

Not only is it concerned with supplying customers with the cleanest energy today, but it’s also committed to building technology that will transform the energy industry in the future. 

With a five-star rating for customer service across almost 15,000 reviews, it’s just as dedicated to looking after you as it is the planet. 


Bulb is the biggest supplier of 100% sustainable electricity across the whole of the United Kingdom. While its sources consist of solar, wind and hydro, 10% of its 100% carbon-neutral gas comes from green gas produced from food and farm waste. 

To further make a difference, Bulb supports a range of carbon reduction projects around the world and buys its energy from independent renewable generators to help support smaller local businesses. 

Can’t decide between Bulb or Octopus? Take a look at our Bulb vs Octopus Comparison Guide.

Green Energy UK

Unconcerned with becoming the largest energy supplier on the block, Green Energy UK just wants to make renewable energy mainstream for businesses all over, offering 100% renewable electricity and, mesmerisingly, green gas. 

It’s a company who dedicates its resources to making your life easier, with no fixed-term contracts, an online customer area to view your bills, and a customer support team that answers 98% of calls within 30 seconds during office hours. Green Energy UK also provides an accreditation logo for marketing purposes, allowing you to show your customers and business partners that you’re concerned with the welfare of the planet.

Outfox the Market

Outfox the Market is partnered with Danish company Ørsted, the global leader in offshore wind energy, which has invested £88 billion in building wind farms in the United Kingdom, with another £4 billion planned by the end of 2020. 

The electricity purchased from Ørsted by Outfox the Market contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the UK and much like Bulb, helps support local businesses, in turn, providing hundreds of jobs for small communities.  

SO Energy

Largely community-focused, SO Energy encourages its customers to have a say on how the energy it supplies is generated. Renewables such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass and tidal are voted on, and according to the proportion of votes, SO Energy provides its energy from the most popular sources. 

Bring a friend along once you’ve decided to switch, send them the appropriate link, and SO Energy will give you and your green-friendly accomplice £40 each as a thank you. 

Good Energy

Purchasing its energy from 100% renewable sources from 1,400 independent generators across the UK, Good Energy has been working towards a greener future since 1999. 

The renewable energy produced by Good Energy matches every unit its customers use, which is all processed through the National Grid. Essentially, every new customer that signs up, the cleaner UK electricity becomes. 

Shell Energy

Shell Energy is a global provider of cleaner energy solutions. Customers receive 100% renewable electricity as standard, utilising resources like wind, solar and biomass. The renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, and Shell Energy is also rolling out a range of smart-home technology, including smart thermostats.


Last, but in no way least, Ecotricity has led the fight against non-renewable energy since the beginning, and is the world’s first green energy supplier.

It’s building on the statements made by Extinction Rebellion and is declaring a climate emergency. Ecotricity is considered to be a vegan-friendly energy supplier and is the only energy company in the UK to have been recognised by The Vegan Society for the renewables it generates. 

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