What is the Ofgem Confidence Code?

Energy Helpline helps explain the Code.

Explaining the Ofgem Confidence Code

The Ofgem Confidence Code is a code of practice governing energy price comparison websites, in order to instill confidence within customers by upholding a high standard of professionalism within the price comparison industry.

Telling you first-hand how the Ofgem Confidence Code works 

In order for to join, you go through an accreditation process with Ofgem to ensure that your website and calculations were in line with that of their Confidence Code.

Once you have the approval of Ofgem, and it has been confirmed that you are up to the Code’s standard, we became an official Ofgem Confidence Code accredited energy price comparison website. 

It’s important to note that the Ofgem Confidence Code is not a compulsory code of practice that all energy price comparison sites have to follow in order to start their business. It is voluntary, and we chose to be a part of it to let our customers know they can switch with confidence, and that our calculations and website are up to a great standard.

The Ofgem Confidence Code key principles 

The key principles to follow to make sure accredited organisations abide by the Code are as follows: 

  • The site reveals all tariffs in the market when a customer uses the search tool, unless the customer has chosen to filter out some tariffs.
  • All options surrounding the choice to see a partial view of available tariffs are facilitated by clear wording, so customers are perfectly clear on the choice they are making.
  • That it is clearly state that commission is earned per customer switch. This does not affect the price you pay as a customer, and the service provided to you is always free, but this is still something we have to state.

Why choose a Confidence Code comparison service?

Choosing an independent energy comparison service that is accredited by Ofgem means you can be sure the prices displayed are legitimate and have been calculated in a completely fair and unbiased way. 

Companies who aren’t accredited by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) are independent of the ‘watchdog’ of the energy market, and can therefore choose to show a limited panel of suppliers. All those under the Confidence Code are obliged to consistently provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date prices of all available tariffs whenever you use their comparison sites. 

Where to see all Ofgem accredited price comparison websites

The full list of Ofgem Confidence Code accredited energy comparison websites can be found at Ofgem.gov.uk, with Energy Helpline first on the list. 

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