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Switching energy suppliers with us is FREE, simple and can save you lots of money. Switch with us today and save up to £497* a year.


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Our gas and electricity price comparison service meets the requirements of the Confidence Code – a voluntary code of practice for household energy price comparison websites managed by Ofgem. As a founding signatory to the Code, we pride ourselves on providing a service that is high quality.

  • Impartial Not biased to any supplier
  • Comprehensive We compare all UK suppliers
  • Accurate Our calculator is Ofgem accredited

Commonly asked questions

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Switching energy suppliers with is simple and can save you a lot of money. Many people who have never switched before could save up to £461 a year.

We show you all the tariffs available and how much you could save by switching to each one.

Switching with is quick and easy using our online application service. There’s no need to fill out any paperwork or sign a new contract - we do the hard work for you!

We will forward your application to your new supplier, who will inform your old supplier - you don't need to do anything more, but we provide a Customer Helpline on 0800 634 3868 (Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm) in case you do have any questions or queries. And if you change your mind for any reason, call us and we’ll cancel the switch application for you – the cooling off period is 14 days starting the day after you switched.

Absolutely not! We offer a totally free service to consumers. We show you the best available rates from all UK suppliers. You are then free to choose the one that is right for you. Switching costs nothing and will save you money on your energy bills.

Whether trying to beat price rises or wanting to control energy costs, millions have switched their energy to capped or fixed price tariffs. Now with many of these tariffs coming to the end of their fixed terms and suppliers offering these customers a bewildering range of tariff options to move onto, many have been wondering whether they’re still getting a good deal.

We’ve taken account of these concerns by modifying our comparison calculator. Instead of working out your savings based on the prices you’re currently on, we’ve adjusted our calculator to also use the prices you’ll most likely be put on by your current supplier in the next 12 months.

If however, you'd rather still see an energy comparison based on your current prices, that's not a problem.  When you get to the results table, open up the additional filters and choose the option to re-calculate savings based on your current prices only.

You can switch from a fixed tariff at any point, but many carry an exit fee if you leave within the first one or two years. You will need to check your tariff end date, which you should find on your bill or by contacting your supplier. If you want to leave before your end date, find out if there is an exit fee and if so, how much it is. Some suppliers will charge you a fee per fuel if you have a dual fuel tariff.

The amount you have to pay will determine whether you’d be better off switching now or waiting until your tariff end date. Either way, suppliers must send you notice between 42 and 49 days in advance that your tariff is coming to an end. You are entitled to request a switch up to 42 days before your tariff end date, so you don’t have to wait until the end date to put the wheels in motion. As switching can take between 4 and 6 weeks, you should act fast to avoid paying more than you should once you’re automatically rolled onto a standard tariff, after your tariff end date.

To help you, we’ve created our free Price Watch service. Just sign up and we’ll keep an eye on the market for you and let you know as soon as a cheaper tariff becomes available.

Our comparison calculator takes the current usage details that you enter and compares that information with tariff details for all UK suppliers to see who can offer you the best deals. The calculation takes into account a number of different factors including where you live, your energy usage, whether you have Economy 7, your preferred payment method and whether you are looking for a dual fuel or single fuel tariff.

If you're on a fixed tariff that's coming to an end in the next 12 months, we factor that in as well and calculate your savings based on the unit rates you're currently on as well as the rates you'll be put on when your fixed tariff expires. If you'd rather see a comparison based on your current fixed tariff rates only, that's not a problem - just choose the filter at the top of the results table that says "Re-calculate savings using last year's spend". Remember also, some fixed tariffs have an exit fee if you switch more than 49 days before they end.

For the most accurate comparison, take the usage from your bill and enter it into the kWh box. If you don't have a bill to hand, tell us how much you spend per month or if you don't know that either, we've provided an estimator based on questions such as how many bedrooms you have.

Comparisons use the most up-to-date energy prices that are available and our website is updated often within hours of a price change being announced, meaning that the results you see are as accurate as possible at any given point.

In a word, yes. Thousands of people save millions of pounds on their bills every year, by switching through our website. We were one of the first comparison sites, meaning we've built up in-depth knowledge of the energy industry. We're completely impartial, comparing deals from all UK suppliers, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best deals currently available. Tariffs are updated at least daily, so you're always getting an accurate comparison.

During your energy price comparison, if you choose to view generally available plans, we'll show you a broader range of suppliers and tariffs including several that we cannot switch you to. However, the view will exclude the following:

  • Social tariffs
  • Tariffs for non-standard meters
  • Exclusive deals such as collective switching schemes
  • Tariffs that an energy supplier has requested we remove from the site

Our gas and electricity price comparisons adhere to the Ofgem Confidence Code, a voluntary code of practice that governs energy comparison websites. We're proud to have been a founding signatory of the Code, which strives to ensure that the switching process is easy, reliable and trustworthy.

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We don't hide behind our website, we're real people who are easy to get hold of! You can contact our friendly team at any point, before, during or after your switch, we love to help. Call us on 0800 074 0745 or email

The term 'energy efficiency' applies to how well your home retains heat and how effectively it uses the power it draws. The more energy efficient your home is, the greater the savings you will make both in both financial and environmental terms.

Most energy suppliers will be able to provide you with advice and tips on saving power under their Energy Efficient Commitment and you could also be eligible for a government grant towards making your home more efficient.

Find further information on making your home more energy efficient on the Energy Saving Trust website where you'll also find information on specific schemes

Energy Company Obligation - call your supplier (England)
Home Energy Scotland Service (Scotland) 0808 808 2282
Nest Scheme (Wales) 0808 808 2244

You might also be eligible for help with your energy bills or to make you home more energy efficient.  For more information visit the Government's Energy Grants calculator.

Alternatively, visit the Citizen's Advice website for even more information on how to be more energy efficient.

You may qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme if you are on a low income. Energy suppliers run the scheme; the largest ones are required by law to offer this discount. The scheme provides a discount to pensioners and some other customers on low incomes. The discount is £140 off your electricity bill.

If you were a pensioner as of 12 July 2014, you can qualify for a Warm Home Discount if you receive the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit, even if you get the Savings Credit part as well. It is up to your supplier to decide if you can receive the Warm Home Discount. The criteria vary from supplier to supplier. You will need to contact your supplier to check your eligibility. If you believe you are eligible then you need to apply directly to your supplier.

You or your partner’s name must be on the electricity bill and your energy supplier must be taking part in the Warm Home Discount Scheme. As of June 2019, the following suppliers are participating:


Angelic Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Atlantic - see SSE

Avro Energy

Beam Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Boost - see OVO

Bristol Energy - only if you’re eligible for the ‘core group’

British Gas

Bulb Energy

Citizen Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Co-operative Energy

E (Gas and Electricity)

Ebico - see Robin Hood Energy

EDF Energy


Flow Energy

Fosse Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

GB Energy - see Co-operative Energy

Great North Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Green Network Energy

Green Star/Hudson

Liverpool Energy Community Company (LECCy) - see Robin Hood Energy

Lumo - see OVO



Powershop - see npower

Ram Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood Energy - only if you’re eligible for the ‘core group’

Sainsbury’s Energy

Scottish Gas - see British Gas

Scottish Hydro - see SSE


Shell Energy (previously First Utility)

Southern Electric - see SSE




Utility Warehouse

White Rose Energy - see Robin Hood Energy

Your Energy Sussex - see Robin Hood Energy


Contact your supplier to find out more, or call the Warm Home Discount Scheme helpline on 0800 731 0214, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

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