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Why Switch Business Energy Suppliers With Us? 

It has never been easier to compare business energy suppliers. Despite this, many businesses still overpay for their business energy by simply accepting the renewal offer that comes through the post.

To avoid expensive rates, it is always a good idea to compare business energy prices against your renewal quote. 

At Energy Helpline, we have built strong commercial partnerships with some of the most recognisable and trusted business energy suppliers in the UK. This means that when you compare business energy suppliers with us, you can switch with confidence. 

Compare our best business energy deals and switch in minutes

What to Consider When Switching Business Energy

Switching business energy is different from domestic switches. This means that business energy suppliers do not offer dual fuel deals. UK companies must switch their energy separately. There are several benefits to this but it does mean extra admin and renewal dates to remember.

Switching business energy suppliers with Energy Helpline eliminates the admin as we'll handle the entire process for you.

Many of our customers switch their gas and electricity at the same time and fix the rates for the same number of years. This is a way to streamline the process to make things a little easier - we also take care of all the admin on the business’s behalf when they switch through our comparison service.

Our expert energy team will keep you updated on the progress of your switch via our online tracker.

Current Business Energy Prices

As every business is unique, getting a true picture of how much your business energy bills should be is quite difficult. Business energy suppliers will charge different rates based on a variety of factors including location, consumption levels and even industry.

However, you can find the latest average prices per kWh for business gas and business electricity prices by size in the UK. These prices are based on a 2-year fixed rate tariff and rates will vary by region.

*Updated May 2023*

  Electricity Price (p/kWh) Gas Price (p/kWh)
Very Small
(Micro Businesses)
32.50p 11.70p
Small Businesses 32.10p 10.30p
Medium Businesses 32.40p 10.00p
Large Businesses 32.00p 9.80p
Extra Large Businesses
32.00p 8.70p


How are Business Energy Prices Calculated?

Understanding how the market operates can help you secure better business energy rates. The main indicator of a great time to switch is when wholesale energy prices dip. However, this isn't the only time that securing your energy bills is a good idea. 

Many factors play into how business energy prices are calculated, and it isn't only based on the wholesale market. You could pay a cheaper business energy tariff if you have lower annual consumption, you're located in a certain area and different meter types can pay lower rates. 

A business operating mostly in the evenings and weekends may benefit from Economy 7 & 10 meters - whilst larger companies may require a half-hourly meter if they have a peak load electricity usage of 100kw and above. 

Before committing to a long-term business energy contract, it’s worth taking some time to evaluate how and when your business uses its energy. 

What Business Energy Tariffs Are Available? 

Here are the main business energy tariffs widely available in the UK: 

Fixed-Rate Tariff

A fixed-rate tariff is an agreed price you pay per kWh of energy used.

These types of business energy tariffs do not mean you pay exactly what your quote comes back as annually - as the usage may change throughout the year.

The amount you pay per unit of gas and electricity will remain fixed. Many companies prefer a fixed-rate tariff as they offer security and predictable outgoings that are friendly to budgeting activities. 

Variable-Rate Tariff

Variable energy rates offer flexibility in times of higher wholesale prices. The price per unit of energy you pay may change regularly.

Many companies chose to stay on variable-rate tariffs until they can secure cheaper fixed rates to reduce business energy bills. 

No Standing Charge Tariff

On the surface, no standing charge tariffs look very attractive. With this type of tariff, the daily fee charged for maintaining your energy supply will be set to zero.

Some businesses, for example those that operate seasonally, may benefit from this type of contract. However, an energy supplier often compensates for no standing charge with higher business energy rates. 

Deemed-Rate Tariff

Deemed-rate tariffs operate on 28-day rolling terms. Customers are placed on this if a new business energy contract has not been agreed upon. These are often very expensive energy rates and ideally should be avoided. 

Green Business Tariff

Many business owners are starting to take steps toward becoming more sustainable. The first step for many businesses is to opt for a green energy tariff. Some companies may be able to benefit from reduced CCL (Climate Change Levy) rates if they are more carbon friendly.

Business Energy Prices for Large Business

Large business energy customers have access to tailored tariffs to meet the needs of higher demand. It can be difficult to reduce business energy bills in a larger organisation, so it is important to obtain a structured tariff bespoke to your business. 

We have a team dedicated to finding bespoke business energy tariffs to meet the commercial needs of your large business and help your company become more energy efficient.

Business Energy Prices for Small Business

At Energy Helpline, we’re dedicated to helping you find great small business energy rates without the hassle. Comparing the latest business energy prices is simple. All you need to get started is your postcode. You can then view a wide range of business energy tariffs from our trusted suppliers.

Our self-service online platform was designed with small businesses in mind. You can compare energy prices and switch anywhere, at any time. Get started today with our simple online energy comparison.

Business Energy FAQs

  • What do I need to switch my business energy supplier?

    When you switch business energy with Energy Helpline, we only need your postcode and business name to get started.

    With your permission, we use smart data to find the name of your current supplier and meter numbers.

    It helps if you can give us an idea of how much energy you use - by giving us either of your monthly or annual usage or spend - and let us know whether you're currently out of contract. But don't worry, we can still compare rates even if you don't have this information to hand.

    Once you've seen the quotes and chosen the deal you like best, we'll take care of the switch for you. We'll even look after your renewals to make sure you never overpay for energy again.

  • When can I switch business energy supplier?

    Commercial energy supplies generally come under a contract, which will automatically renew each year. If you want to change supplier, you need to give your current supplier a minimum of four weeks' notice.

    However, if you are new to the premises then you won't automatically be placed in a contract, so you are free to find a new contract when you wish. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible because most suppliers charge high "out of contract" rates.

  • What is a standing charge?

    A Standing Charge is a daily fee set by the supplier. This is separate to Unit Rate. Standing Charges have risen over the last few years and can vary quite significantly from supplier to supplier.

    It's always important to consider the full annual cost of any quote as standing charges will impact your overall bill.

  • What Is kWh (Kilowatt Hour)?

    kWh is a measurement which equates to how much energy you’re using. Energy suppliers will charge an amount of money for each kWh unit rate you use for both gas and electricity. 


    The price that energy suppliers charge depends on your contract and market conditions. For example, an energy supplier may charge 32p per kWh of electricity you use.

  • How long does It take to switch business energy?

    Once you have chosen a business energy tariff best suited to you and have started the switching process, we'll aim to complete your switch in 5 working days.