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Why Switch Business Electricity Suppliers With Us? 

We have a strong panel of trusted UK suppliers that we have some exclusive deals with. We’ve helped thousands of businesses save money on their electricity bills, and many of our customers complete their switch completely online. 

Our innovative self-service platform allows busy businesses to switch at a time that suits them. Of course, we’re always at the other end of the phone during business hours should you need any further assistance. 

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Is Switching Business Electricity Supplier Worth It? 

If you’re looking to trim down your overheads and save money, switching business electricity suppliers is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. 

It takes just 60 seconds to view prices from a boatload of electricity suppliers, and then just a few more clicks once you have made your decision. A few minutes out of your day (or night), can cave you £100s. With business electricity prices stabilising in 2023, now is a great time to lock in your deal. 

Business Electricity Prices per kWh 2023 

If you’re sitting scratching your head about what you should be paying for your business electricity, you’re not alone. 

To shed some light on average business electricity prices, we have broken down what companies of various sizes might expect to pay based on average prices in May 2023. As prices change daily, it is better to compare the latest rates today.

*updated May 2023.

  Unit Price (p/kWh) Standing Charge (p) Annual Cost (£)
Very Small
(Micro Businesses)
32.50p 75p £1,897
Small Businesses 32.10p 94p £5,159
Medium Businesses 32.40p 126p £8,561
Large Businesses 32.00p 167p £16,612
Extra Large Businesses
32.00p 169p £32,570


Business Electricity for Small Businesses 

Our online comparison platform specialises in helping small businesses find great deals on their electricity in just 60 seconds. We built the self-service platform with small businesses in mind, knowing time is precious and they often do not get the chance to deal with electricity tariffs during office hours. Compare and switch anywhere, anytime in just a few clicks. 

Business Electricity for Large Businesses 

We have a team of business electricity experts that deal with large consumption organisations. We have helped hundreds of organisations build bespoke tariffs that meet the requirements of complex businesses. Securing great rates is what we do - are you ready to get your business electricity quote? 

Business Electricity Prices by Supplier 

As prices vary from business to business, there is very rarely one cheapest supplier. The best supplier for your business will depend on how and when you use your energy.

Below you can find insight into the average business electricity prices per kWh for a small business. 

The prices shown represent a business using 25,000 kWh of electricity per year. Rates are correct as of March 2023. Tariffs vary by region and could change at any time.



Average Price Per kWh 

Average Standing Charge  

Annual Cost  

British Gas Lite




smartest energy








british gas




scottish power













What Business Electricity Tariffs are Available?

Understanding the best tariff for your business can save you even more money than a straightforward switch. You may be tempted to opt for a tariff that you have had for many years and you may be unknowingly missing out on some savings. 

The first step to this assessment is understanding how your business uses electricity. For example, you may prefer a little more flexibility in contracts with a variable tariff but this means you could be missing out on cheaper unit rates and stability with a fixed tariff. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the tariffs available: 

Fixed Rate Electricity Tariff

A fixed-rate electricity tariff offers a set unit price for each kWh of electricity you use. This rate will remain the same throughout your contract.

Many businesses prefer fixed-rate tariffs as they offer certainty and avoid any sudden increases in costs. It’s worth bearing in mind that your monthly bill will still vary depending on the amount of energy you use. You may also miss out on any potential savings should wholesale prices drop.

Variable Rate Electricity Tariff

A variable rate tariff gives your business more flexibility than a fixed rate deal. Your unit rate will change throughout your contract depending on the cost of wholesale prices.

Businesses comfortable with changing unit rates may switch to a variable rate deal to take advantage of any reductions in the price of electricity during their contract. However, when prices increase, you will not be protected against this on a fixed rate tariff.

No Standing Charge Tariff

Most business electricity tariffs will feature a daily charge which remains the same no matter how much energy you have used that day. A no-standing charge tariff removes this charge from your contract.

These tariffs can benefit businesses that operate seasonally or only open a few days a week. When you don’t use any energy, you won’t have any charges to pay. It’s worth bearing in mind that your unit price may be more expensive on a no-standing charge tariff. As a result, businesses with high energy consumption could lose out by switching to a no-standing charge tariff.

Economy 7 Electricity Tariff (Multi-Rate) 

An Economy 7 tariff offers different unit costs for different times of the day. This will usually be a peak rate during the day and a lower off-peak rate in the evening and at night.

If your business uses most of its energy in the evening or at night, you could save money by switching to a multi-rate tariff.

Green Business Electricity Tariff

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many businesses. A green business electricity tariff is a great way to meet your environmentally friendly aims.

Most renewable energy suppliers will match the electricity you use by purchasing energy from renewable sources. There is a misconception that green energy tariffs are more expensive. However, renewable tariffs are not much more competitively priced.

Business Electricity FAQs

  • How long does it take to switch business electricity suppliers?

    We'll aim to complete your electricity switch within 5 working days. 

  • When Should I Switch Business Electricity Suppliers?

    Most businesses will simply decide to switch suppliers as their contract comes to end. However, certain times of the year can potentially offer better deals.

    Switching during the summer months can offer cheaper rates on both gas and electricity tariffs. Keeping an eye on the wholesale costs of gas and electricity can help you identify when the best rates may be available.

    However, if you’re switching outside of your renewal window, you may face exit fees from your current supplier.

  • Am I Required to Pay VAT on Business Electricity?

    VAT rates of 20% will apply to your business electricity bills. However, not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for a reduction in VAT to 5%.

  • Can I Switch my Business Electricity for Multiple Sites?

    If your business has more than one location, it can become complicated managing multiple energy contracts.

    A multi-site tariff can allow your business to consolidate your tariffs into one contract. With multiple locations, your business may be entitled to discounts due to a greater buying power. At Energy Helpline, we can help your business find a great deal across your locations.

  • Can I Switch my Business Gas at the same time?

    Yes, you can switch business gas at the same time with Energy Helpline. Although you will have two separate contracts for your business gas and business electricity, switching them at the same time makes it much easier to manage your business energy bills.