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Why Switch Business Electricity Suppliers?

Despite rising business electricity prices, putting off switching your energy suppliers could mean you pay more in the future. For all businesses, controlling costs is vital and any savings can be important cash flow for other areas of the business. 

If you haven't switched business electricity suppliers in a while, you may be experiencing high commercial electricity rates. 

At Energy Helpline, we’ve built strong relationships with business electricity suppliers across the UK. With our trusted panel of suppliers, you can compare a wide range of prices quickly and easily, allowing you to switch with confidence.

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What are the Average Business Electricity Prices?

Whilst prices change, your reliance on a business electricity supply doesn't. It can be difficult to keep track of wholesale energy prices and what you should be paying. 

Having an idea of the average business electricity costs can help you decide when to switch and what deal you should switch to.

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Changes in wholesale costs are the largest contributing factor to how much you pay for your business electricity. However, details about your business including your location, overall consumption, and length of contract will also impact the deals available to you.

To provide a guide on the average business electricity costs, the UK Government release a quarterly update on the current prices. Here, you can view the latest figures available from Q2 of 2022.

Business Size

Price per kWh

Very Small








Very Large




What Business Electricity Tariffs are Available?

There are a few business electricity tariffs to choose from and it can be challenging to know which is better for you. Selecting the right tariff has a huge impact on how you save money. 

The main thing to consider before you compare business electricity prices is when you demand the most from your electricity supply. This question often helps guide you to finding cheaper business electricity rates. 

Here, you can find information on some of the most common business electricity tariffs available.

Fixed Rate Electricity Tariff

A fixed rate electricity tariff offers a set unit price for each kWh of electricity you use. This rate will remain the same throughout your contract.

Many businesses prefer fixed rate tariffs as they offer certainty and avoid any sudden increases in costs. It’s worth bearing in mind that your monthly bill will still vary depending on the amount of energy you use. You may also miss out on any potential savings should wholesale prices drop.

Variable Rate Electricity Tariff

A variable rate tariff gives your business more flexibility than a fixed rate deal. Your unit rate will change throughout your contract depending on the cost of wholesale prices.

Businesses comfortable with changing unit rates may switch to a variable rate deal to take advantage of any reductions in the price of electricity during their contract. However, when prices increase, you will not be protected against this on a fixed rate tariff.

No Standing Charge Tariff

Most business electricity tariffs will feature a daily charge which remains the same no matter how much energy you have used that day. A no standing charge tariff removes this charge from your contract.

These tariffs can benefit businesses that operate seasonally or only open a few days a week. When you don’t use any energy, you won’t have any charges to pay. It’s worth bearing in mind that your unit price may be more expensive on a no standing charge tariff. As a result, businesses with high energy consumption could lose out by switching to a no standing charge tariff.

Multi Rate Electricity Tariff

As the name suggests, a multi-rate tariff offers different unit costs for different times of the day. This will usually be a peak rate during the day and a lower off-peak rate in the evening and at night.

If your business uses most of its energy in the evening or at night, you could save money by switching to a multi-rate tariff.

Green Business Electricity Tariff

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many businesses. A green business electricity tariff is a great way to meet your environmentally friendly aims.

Most renewable energy suppliers will match the electricity you use by purchasing energy from renewable sources. There is a misconception that green energy tariffs are more expensive. However, renewable tariffs are not much more competitively priced.

Who is the Cheapest Business Electricity Supplier?

As prices vary from business to business, there is very rarely one cheapest supplier. The best supplier for your business will depend on how and when you use your energy.

Below you can find insight on the average business electricity prices per kWh for a small business.









British Gas




Dual Energy












Scottish Power












Yu Energy




Prices shown represent region 12/ London for a small business using 10,000 kWh of electricity per year. Rates correct at 26 September 2021 for a 1-year fixed contract. Tariffs vary by region and could change at any time.

Business Electricity for Large Businesses

Large businesses with high energy consumption often have specific requirements when it comes to switching to a new business electricity supplier. Our energy experts will be on hand to support you throughout your switch to ensure you get the most out of your business electricity tariff.

This may include providing tailored half-hourly tariffs for businesses with electricity consumption of more than 100,000 kWh per year. A half-hourly electricity meter offers the most accurate pricing available by providing your supplier with automatic readings every half hour.

If your business has an energy consumption of more than 70,000 kWh of electricity each year, you will be entitled to install a half-hourly meter.

Our expert team can also help your business arrange an energy audit to manage the costs of your electricity bills.

Are Business Electricity Prices Rising? 

Increased electricity demand and limited supplies caused by a variety of factors in world events caused business electricity prices to rise. 

This has made it difficult for organisations and SMEs to find prices cheaper than previous electricity rates they have had in the past. However, this isn't entirely new.

Business electricity prices have been increasing over the last decade, albeit slowly and at a steady pace. Recent events have caused a large and notable increase in business electricity rates. Here's how the trend looks:

business electricity prices

So, what should you do? 

Many business owners and office managers are still looking to compare business electricity prices and fix rates for peace of mind and cashflow predictability. It is uncertain how much more and longer business electricity rates will continue to increase, so fixing now could save money against any future increases. 

It may be worth considering performing an energy audit on your business premises to help you cut your energy bills. 

Why Switch with Energy Helpline?

Our goal is to help your business save as much money as possible on your business electricity and other utilities.

As energy costs increase, it has become more important than ever for businesses to find the right gas and electricity deals. At Energy Helpline, we work with a wide panel of trusted business energy suppliers to give you access the latest deals on the market.

You can compare prices quickly with our easy-to-use comparison tool. Once you’ve selected the right tariff for you, we’ll take care of the rest of the switching process. We’ll even be in touch before your new contract comes to an end to help you find another great deal.

If you’re ready to compare business electricity quotes, you can click here to start saving today.

Business Electricity FAQs

  • How long does it take to switch business electricity suppliers?

    The exact timeline for switching energy suppliers will depend on the specific requirements of your business. However, most switches are expected to take between 4 and 6 weeks until your new contract is live.

    It’s important to remember that there will be no disruption to your energy supply when switching suppliers so you can continue to use energy as normal.

  • When Should I Switch Business Electricity Suppliers?

    Most businesses will simply decide to switch suppliers as their contract comes to end. However, certain times of the year can potentially offer better deals.

    Switching during the summer months can offer cheaper rates on both gas and electricity tariffs. Keeping an eye on the wholesale costs of gas and electricity can help you identify when the best rates may be available.

    However, if you’re switching outside of your renewal window, you may face exit fees from your current supplier.

  • Am I Required to Pay VAT on Business Electricity?

    VAT rates of 20% will apply to your business electricity bills. However, not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for a reduction in VAT to 5%.

  • Can I Switch my Business Electricity for Multiple Sites?

    If your business has more than one location, it can become complicated managing multiple energy contracts.

    A multi-site tariff can allow your business to consolidate your tariffs into one contract. With multiple locations, your business may be entitled to discounts due to a greater buying power. At Energy Helpline, we can help your business find a great deal across your locations.

  • Can I Switch my Business Gas at the same time?

    Yes, you can switch business gas at the same time with Energy Helpline. Although you will have two separate contracts for your business gas and business electricity, switching them at the same time makes it much easier to manage your business energy bills.