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We help UK businesses save around £1,067 yearly on their gas supply. Sound too good to be true? We have lots of happy customer reviews to back this up. We compare a panel of trusted suppliers hand-selected by our expert team. Whether you're a large consumption business or an SME, we have your supply covered. 

Our powerful comparison engine lets you view the latest prices in as little as 60 seconds. The ability to switch suppliers entirely online, or by chatting to one of our experts is what really sets us apart from other energy retailers. 



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Are Business Gas Prices High In 2023?

Business gas prices are now 69% lower than the highs seen in 2022. 

With rates now at a consistent level, many businesses are locking-in these prices to avoid any potential future fluctuations. 

The graph on the right highlights how the unit price of electricity has dropped by 19.42p, based on the average price per kWh of the three cheapest business gas suppliers on our panel.

How Much are Business Gas Prices per kWh in September 2023? 

There’s much confusion around business gas prices and what a great unit price per kWh is. Whilst business gas prices largely depend on wholesale gas prices, there’s much more to it than market fluctuation.

The price you pay for commercial gas also takes into account the location of the business premises, overall consumption and the length of your gas contract. 

Here, we've provided the latest average business gas prices per kWh in the UK by business size. The table uses average prices collected by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. Since commercial gas prices change daily, it is better to compare the latest rates today.

Data below is correct as of March 2023, and data is from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero survey of energy suppliers. Annual cost is based on average gas use of each respective band. Business gas prices exclude Climate Change Levy (CCL), while annual cost excludes daily standing charge. These prices reflect a live market and are subject to fluctuation.

 Business Size Annual Gas Consumption (MWh) Average Business Gas Price (pence per kWh) Annual Cost, Excluding Standing Charge (£)
Very Small 0-278 9.0p £25,037.35
Small 278 - 2,777


Medium 2,778 - 27,777 7.2p £1,094,994.02
Large 27,778 - 277,777 6.2p £9,486,477.41
Very Large 277,778 - 1,111,112 5.6p £38,793,355.45
  Overall Average Business Gas Price 7.0p  


Source: Gov.Uk. Data accurate as of March 2023

Latest Supplier Prices for Business Gas per kWh - 2023 

As a competitive market and many factors are considered when a gas supplier offers a business gas quote, it is very difficult to pinpoint one gas supplier as the cheapest. 

However, we can offer insight into averages based on a fixed consumption level. The example below is not set in stone and is based on a consumption of 25,000 kWh of gas. 

*prices updated September 2023.


Compare our best business gas prices & switch in minutes

Can You Get Cheaper Business Gas Rates? 

Paying close attention to the cost of your business gas will help you secure a great deal. There are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure you never overpay on your gas rates again. 

  • Jump on a deal when you find one - You can secure business gas prices up to 12 months before your contract end date. This protects your business from any wholesale business gas price fluctuations.  If you see a great deal, it could be gone tomorrow as prices change daily.

  • Are you on the right tariff? - Ensuring you’re on the correct business gas tariff can save you £100s. If your fixed-rate contract ends, gas suppliers will place you on expensive out-of-contract rates. Also, think about what times of day or night you’re using the most energy.

  • Could you reduce your consumption? - Having an informal walk around your premises with energy saving in mind can help you spot simple efficiency improvements that require little to no investment to save money. 

Supplier Average Price per kWh Average Standing Charge Annual Cost
bg lite 9.9p 45.1p £2,640
smartest energy 8.5p 25.1p £2,216
Valda 9.7p 36.3p £2,561
british gas 10.2p 75.4p £2,823
scottish power 9.3p 30.6p £2,433
edf 10.9p 25p £2,825
total energies 10.3p 149.5p £3,131

What Business Gas Tariffs Are Available?

When you use our online comparison engine, you will find a variety of tariff options ranging from the cheapest fixed and variable tariffs. 

Ensuring you’re on the correct business gas tariff can save you a significant amount of money.

Choosing a gas tariff comes down to how and when the business operates. For example, a business operating predominantly late at night and at weekends may benefit from Economy 7 & 10 tariffs. 

Here are some of the tariffs you may want to consider: 

Fixed Rate Gas Tariff

A fixed-rate tariff is an agreed price you pay per kWh of gas used. These business gas rates are fixed for the agreed duration of your contract.

Many companies prefer a fixed-rate tariff as they offer security and predictable outgoings that are friendly to budgeting activities.

They also protect the business from any price fluctuations in wholesale business gas rates.

Variable Rate Gas Tariff

Variable gas rates offer flexibility in times of higher wholesale gas prices.

The price your business pays for gas will fluctuate. Often known as a variable price plan, you’re able to move to a fixed-rate gas tariff at any time to save money.

No Standing Charge Tariff

Most business electricity tariffs will feature a daily charge. This cost is applied by the supplier to cover billing and maintenance costs. 

This is a fixed daily charge applied to your business gas bill. A no-standing charge tariff removes this charge from your contract.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your unit price may be more expensive on a no-standing charge tariff. 

Rollover Gas Tariff

Businesses that have not agreed to a new deal with any supplier may be placed on this type of tariff. 

As an expensive legally binding contract, it is often a tariff that businesses avoid due to their contract and expensive unit rates. 

Business Gas Prices for Small Businesses 

We understand how busy small businesses can be and how easy it is to put off switching business gas to a more competitive deal.

We’ve listened to our customers and built a fully online switching service that allows our customers to switch suppliers any time of day or night completely online. You will see competitive prices in just 60 seconds and switch within a few clicks.

Business Gas Prices for Large Businesses 

High-consumption business gas users often have specific requirements. Our experts take the time to understand your business and how we can build the ideal tariff with optimal savings.

With everything from gas usage audits to meter installation and management systems; we’ll build the best solution for you.


Compare our best business gas deals & switch in minutes

Business Gas FAQs

  • What Is The VAT Charge For Business Gas?

    The flat 20% VAT rate applies to business gas bills. However, there are VAT exemptions for non-profits. You should speak to your business gas supplier if you think you may be eligible.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Gas Suppliers?

    We'll aim to complete your business gas switch within 5 working days from approval.

  • How Are Business Gas Prices Calculated?

    Multiple factors are considered when commercial gas suppliers are calculating prices. This includes wholesale prices, cost of network upkeep, contract length, the businesses credit rating, annual consumption and regional location of the business.

  • What Is An MPRN Number?

    A Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) identifies the gas meter at a property. This helps ensure you're being billed for the right amount of gas consumed.  

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