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Why Switch Business Gas Suppliers? 

On average, switching business gas suppliers will save around £1,067 per year. Many business owners choose to reinvest these savings into other areas of the company. 

We have built relationships with some of the UK’s top business gas suppliers so that Energy Helpline customers can switch with confidence. You can compare a range of business gas prices from our panel of trusted suppliers in just 60 seconds. There’s no obligation to switch with us. 

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Managing Your Business Gas Costs 

Follow our tips to ensure you never overpay for your business gas again. 

  • You can secure business gas prices up to 12 months before your contract end date. This protects your business from any wholesale business gas price fluctuations.  

  • Ensuring you’re on the correct business gas tariff can save you £100s. If your fixed-rate contract ends, gas suppliers will place you on expensive out-of-contract rates.
  • Auditing your business gas usage ensures that you’re commercial gas bill isn’t more than it should be. An audit can assess everything that affects energy usage and efficiency.

How Much Are Business Gas Costs? 

Many just accept the price of their business gas bills and just pay the invoice without much thought. With rising energy costs, it has never been more important to closely monitor how much business gas is costing. 

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Whilst business gas prices largely depend on wholesale gas prices, there’s much more to it than market fluctuation. The price you pay for commercial gas also takes into account the location of the business premises, overall consumption and the length of your gas contract. 

However, the UK Government regularly release averages for business gas prices by size in the UK. Here are the latest figures available from Q4 of 2021. 

Business Size 

Price per kWh 

Very Small








Very Large




What Business Gas Tariffs Are Available? 

Ensuring you’re on the correct business gas tariff can save you a significant amount of money. Choosing a gas tariff comes down to how and when the business operates. For example, a business operating predominantly late at night and at weekends may benefit from Economy 7 & 10 tariffs. This needs to be assessed before switching business gas suppliers. 

Here are the most common business gas tariffs available in the UK:

Fixed-Rate Gas Tariff

A fixed-rate tariff is an agreed price you pay per kWh of gas used. These business gas rates are fixed for the agreed duration of your contract. Many companies prefer a fixed-rate tariff as they offer security and predictable outgoings that are friendly to budgeting activities. They also protect the business from any price fluctuations in wholesale business gas rates.

Variable-Rate Gas Tariff

Variable gas rates offer flexibility in times of higher wholesale gas prices. The price your business pays for gas will fluctuate. Often known as a variable price plan, you’re able to move to a fixed-rate gas tariff at any time to save money. 

Deemed-Rate Gas Tariff

Deemed-rate gas tariffs operate on 28-day rolling terms. Customers are placed on this if a new business gas contract has not been agreed upon. These are often very expensive gas rates and ideally should be avoided.

Green Business Gas Tariff

Many business owners are starting to take steps towards becoming more sustainable. The first step for many businesses is to opt for a green business gas tariff. The common misconception is that green gas tariffs are much more expensive - however, they are very competitively priced.

Who Is The Cheapest Business Gas Supplier? 

As a competitive market and many factors considered when a gas supplier offers a business gas quote, it is very difficult to pinpoint one gas supplier as the cheapest. 

However, we can offer insight into averages based on a fixed consumption level. The example below is not set in stone and is based on a consumption of 25,000 kWh of gas. 


Average Price Per kWh (£) 

Average Standing Charge (£) 

Annual Cost (25,000 kWh) 

british gas lite




british gas








scottish power




total energy




valda energy




*Prices are an average of 1,2 & 3-year fixed-rate business gas tariffs. Prices are accurate as of February 2022. 

Business Gas For Large Businesses 

Commercial gas can have specific needs for larger consumption businesses. Our energy experts will take the time to understand your needs and create a bespoke energy plan with a suitable supplier with an optimal energy strategy.

This may include an in-depth business gas audit to help manage the cost of your business gas bill. Your account manager will ensure the switching process is seamless so you can continue to do what you do best. 

Why Switch With Energy Helpline? 

Our mission is to help our customers save as much money as possible on their business gas and other utilities. We understand that rising energy costs cause many problems for growing businesses and it has never been more important to manage the costs. 

We only work with trusted business gas suppliers so that when your switch your gas supply with us, you know things will go smoothly and you can continue to operate your business without worrying about the switching process. Our comparison tool is free to use and our costs are built into the energy tariffs with the gas supplier. 

Once you switch business gas suppliers with us, we will make sure you’re never paying more than you should be again. Our expert energy team will be in touch when your renewal window opens to help you find another great deal - taking away all the admin of business utility management. 

Business Gas FAQs

  • How Much VAT Is Added On To Business Gas?

    The flat 20% VAT rate applies to business gas bills. However, there are VAT exemptions for non-profits. You should speak to your business gas supplier if you think you may be eligible.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Gas Suppliers?

    Once you have chosen the business gas tariff best suited to you and have started the switching process, it will take around 4 to 6 weeks until your new contract goes live (unless you’re locking in future prices before your contract end date). It has never been more important for businesses to look at ways to reduce their business energy bills. 

    Our expert energy team will keep you updated on the progress of your switch via our online tracker. Ready to compare business gas quotes? Click here to start saving today.

  • When Is The Best Time To Switch Business Gas Suppliers?

    In terms of the time of year, most companies renew their business gas contract in April and October. However, these are incredibly busy times of the year and better deals may be available during the summer months before the temperatures start to drop. Business gas prices change regularly with many outside factors coming into play. It is very difficult to judge when business gas rates will become cheaper. 

    You can only switch to a new business gas deal once your current contract has come to an end. Most energy suppliers have a renewal window which opens up to 12 months before the contract end date. This means if you find a great deal with time left on your business gas contract, you can lock in that price to switch once your current deal has ended. If you find what seems like the best business gas prices in this window, you may want to lock those in. 

    Ready to compare business gas prices? Click here to start saving today. 

  • Can I Switch My Business Electricity At The Same Time?

    Your business gas deal is separate from your electricity deal. However, this does not mean you can’t switch them both at the same time. Many companies switch both at the same time and fix the prices for the same length of time so they are much easier to manage. 


    You will, unfortunately, have two separate contracts for your business gas and electricity.