Business Energy - Multi-Site Meters Explained

Multi-site energy meters are a great way to bring multiple energy contracts together into one business energy bill.

Owing a larger business comes with its challenges. Managing business energy contracts can become challenging, predominantly if your company operates from several locations. 

Energy suppliers have recognised these challenges and offer multi-site meters. These energy meters help organisations manage large amounts of energy usage from multiple sites. These tailored energy solutions provide several benefits, including one renewal date, more substantial buying power and a much easier way to manage business energy costs. 

We've created this article to help you understand the benefits of multi-site meters and if securing this type of business energy contract is the right move for your company. 

What Is A Multi-Site Meter? 

Multi-site energy meters are a great way to bring multiple energy contracts together into one business energy bill. Essentially, an energy supplier will treat multiple sites as one, providing you with one energy bill for all your energy usage across the business. 

There are multiple benefits to this. As well as opening up better business energy deals and negotiation power, your business will have one renewal date meaning it is much easier to manage your gas and electricity bills. 

Does Your Business Need A Multi-Site Meter? 

We've touched on some of the benefits of choosing multi-site meters, but the primary benefit of bringing together multiple energy contracts is being able to manage multiple locations at once. 

This means office managers and business owners save a lot more time than re-visiting each business energy contract multiple times within a year. Many companies are busy delivering great products and services to their customers and do not want the distractions of business utilities taking up too much time. Sometimes managing several business energy contracts can mean that renewal dates can be forgotten about. 

In these cases, companies are overpaying for their gas and electricity. One renewal date has helped many businesses with their multi-site energy management. 

Who Are Multi-Site Energy Contracts For? 

Larger consumption businesses with multiple sites will benefit from a multi-site meter. Instead of having a separate energy contract with various different energy suppliers, a multi-site meter will bring this together on one contract. 

Going to energy suppliers with higher usage of gas and electricity will provide more buying power to negotiate better business energy rates. This is where our expert team can help. We will source competitive business energy quotes to help bring your energy bills under control. 

How Do I Get A Multi-Site Meter? 

Our team are more than happy to help you secure a great deal on your business energy and is very experienced in large usage companies securing multi-site meters. 

Once we have all the relevant information about your business energy requirements, we'll get to work. We will negotiate a great business energy deal on your behalf with our trusted panel of energy suppliers. We will not start the switching process until you give us the 'green light'.

Your account manager will manage the switch and you will be able to keep track of the process using our online portal. We'll arrange the installation of all-new energy meters with clear milestone dates. As a part of your multi-site energy management, we can offer a business energy audit to help you manage your energy costs. You may also be required to have a half-hourly meter installed. 

Multi-Site Meters For Landlords 

There are multi-site meter options for buildings with several tenants. This is a much more bespoke multi-site energy meter that will require a sub-meter system. This will work under the building's multi-site meter to monitor each individual use. This metering system may not be required if your tenant's energy is included in their rent. 

In a multi-occupancy building where tenants are responsible for their own energy bills, this type of multi-site meter system will help you accurately spit energy usage. They are typically used on retail units, multi-use office buildings and sometimes residential apartments. 

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