The average gas and electric bills in the UK

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How much is the average monthly gas and electric bill in the UK?

The average UK energy bill per in the UK is currently sitting at £1,042, thanks to Ofgem’s price cap. This is the average annual cost for a standard variable tariff, which works out at around £86.83 a month

The standard variable tariff is considered the default energy tariff in the energy industry, naturally making it the most popular, which doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow suit. 

Standard variable tariffs are actually considered the most expensive tariff an energy consumer can be on, with fixed tariffs usually being the cheapest. In fact, being on an SVT is usually an accident, as a lot of non-attentive energy customers don’t realise their supplier has moved them onto the default tariff once the one they had chosen expired. 

Standard variable tariffs are also one of the only types of energy deals affected by the price cap. When the price cap goes down, so does the price-per-unit of energy for an SVT, but when it goes up, so does the amount you pay per unit of energy. A lot of people don’t like the volatility of SVTs, and instead choose to pay for fixed energy for a given amount of  time (usually between 12 and 24 months) for complete peace of mind. 

Don’t panic if you are on one though, because standard variable tariffs often have zero exit fees, meaning you can switch energy suppliers without the fear of incurring any kind of charge, and luckily for you switching energy companies is simple and free.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the average price of £1,042 is based on a household with typical energy consumption on a dual fuel (gas and electricity) tariff paying by direct debit. The customers who pay by either cash or cheque, also known as standard credit, pay an extra £79 which is used to cover the costs for the suppliers to serve them. 

How much is the average gas and electric bill for a three bed house? 

It’s hard to provide a useful estimate for a three bedroom house in terms of the monthly average cost for an energy bill. Instead, in order to gauge the amount you should be paying for your bills, you need to look at the average consumption of energy and the average price of an annual energy tariff. This way you’ll be able to easily compare your own consumption and costs allowing you to make the decision on whether or not it’s time to switch energy suppliers. 

The average cost of an energy bill as mentioned above is £1,042 a year. This is calculated using the following average energy usage per household a year:

  • 12,000kWh of gas
  • 2,900kWh of electricity
The average gas and electric bills in the UK: Image showing average electricity and gas usage

What can you do with this information? Find out how much gas and electricity using a year (if you’re on a dual fuel tariff), look at how much your consumption is costing you and compare it to the average energy bill cost of £1,042. If you’re using a similar amount but paying more, you know it’s probably time to do and energy comparison. 

It’s worth remembering that just because £1,042 is now the SVT average thanks to Ofgem’s price cap, you can go even cheaper. Let’s give you some examples: 

At the time of writing, the cheapest standard variable tariff with an average annual usage of 12,000Kwh of gas and 2,900Kwh of electricity we here at Energy Helpline can switch you to* is sitting at an average annual price of £881. The next cheapest is a fixed deal with the same average usage at only one pound more, coming in at £882. 

*The deals that are switchable on our site are subject to change, so when yo use our site the energy tariff prices stated above might not be available. 

How much is the average gas and electric bill for a single person? 

As you’ve probably gathered, in order to calculate an average bill for any household, we need to look at the average consumption first. 

An article from Octopus Energy back in 2019 stated that the average small house or flat with one or two bedrooms uses 8000kWh of gas per year, and 2000kWh of electricity. For the sake of this example, we must assume that only one person is living in said premises. 

Octopus Energy stated that with the given average of energy consumption, the one or two bedroom small house or flat should expect to pay a monthly average of £66, with an annual bill of £795. 

How much is the average daily cost of gas and electricity?

Using the average annual energy bill cost of £1,042, calculated using Ofgem’s most recent price cap, the average daily cost of gas and electricity is sitting roughly at around £2.85.

The average gas and electric bills in the UK: Image showing average daily energy cost

What is the average gas and electric bill type in the UK? 

As you might have seen us mention in the sections above, the average gas and electric bill type in the UK is the standard variable tariff (SVT). 

Just because the standard variable tariff is the average gas and electric bill type in the UK does not mean it’s the best one for energy consumers to be on. In the long run you’d be much better off on a fixed-term energy tariff, which will secure you great value-for-money energy for (usually) 12 to 24 months. 

How do I know if I’m overpaying on my gas and electric bill? 

In order to know if you’re overpaying on your gas and electric bill, you need to be aware of how much energy you are using each year. Only once you know your annual energy consumption can you start to work out whether or not you’re overpaying for the amount of gas and electricity you are using. 

Once you’ve had a look at your annual consumption, you can then start to appreciate the sheer volume of cheaper energy deals out there on the market. Thousands of energy customers don’t even bother looking, but there is potentially a lot of money to be saved, especially if you’re significantly overpaying for your usage. 

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