Costly Covid-mas: Energy bills set to cost UK £375m over Christmas and New Year

A total ban on household mixing would have cost even more.

By Matt Maynard · 25th November 2020

Our research has revealed the newly-announced three household rule over the five festive days, plus a likely no-mixing rule over New Year, will leave the nation footing up to a £375m energy bill.

The extra costs can be attributed to more households being used to celebrate Christmas, which will mean a lot more energy being consumed to power lights and cook Christmas dinners. 

However, a complete ban on mixing households over the Christmas period would have led to even higher energy bills, speculated at around £512m nationwide.

While it’s still to be confirmed what level of restriction will be in place across the UK throughout the entire festive period, our research breaks down how much Brits would be spending depending on predicted restriction levels:


No mixing allowed

2 households mixing

3 households mixing

4 households mixing

5 households mixing

No of UK Households






Cost of festive energy for UK (up to)






Cost of NYE energy (2 days) based on no mixing













With the UK set to go back into a tiered system following the festive period, the UK can expect to enter 2021 with a hefty energy bill of up to £205m if all regions are asked to see in the New Year with no household mixing.

Tom Lyon, Director of Energy at, says: “It’s unsurprising that as many of us expect to have more limited Christmas and New Year’s celebrations than usual, our energy bills will be one of the first areas to take the financial brunt.

“We can of course make changes to our plans, but given the year everyone has had, we’re sure no one wants to make further cuts to their celebrations."

“That’s why it’s now more important than ever for Brits to compare energy suppliers to ensure they’re getting the best price possible. For example, those that move to a fixed rate deal could save up to a sizable £289 per year.”

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