Demand Flexibility Service - Be Paid To Use Less Electricity

The National Grid has rolled out its Demand Flexibility Service paying customers up to £6 for every unit of electricity saved during specific peak hours.

The National Grid has rolled out its Demand Flexibility Service paying customers up to £6 for every unit of electricity saved during specific peak hours. 

Starting in November 2022 and running through March 2023, energy suppliers may email you on more energy-intensive days (usually colder days) to inform you of discounts if you cut your electricity between certain hours. This is usually during the peak times of 5 - 6 pm GMT. 

Can I Take Part? 

This was initially trialled with a select few suppliers, but now a total of 26 energy providers have signed up for the scheme: 

  • British Gas - Home Energy  
  • Carbon Laces - Home and Business Energy 
  • Conrad Energy - Business Energy 
  • CUB (UK) - Business Energy 
  • Drax - Business Energy 
  • EDF - Home and Business Energy 
  • ENGIE Power - Business Energy 
  • E.ON Next - Home Energy 
  • Equiwatt - Home and Business Energy 
  • - Home Energy 
  • Flexitricity - Business Energy 
  • Grid Beyond - Business Energy 
  • Gridimp - Business Energy 
  • Hugo Energy App - Home Energy 
  • Labrador - Home and Business Energy 
  • - Home Energy 
  • Myenergi - Home Energy 
  • Oaktree Power - Business Energy 
  • Octopus Energy - Home and Business Energy 
  • Ovo Energy - Home Energy 
  • Pearlstone Energy - Business Energy 
  • Power Rewards App - Home Energy 
  • Shell Energy - Home Energy 
  • SMS - Home and Business Energy 
  • VpowerU - Home and Business Energy 
  • Zenobe Energy - Business Energy 

Home and business energy customers can be eligible if they are with a participating supplier and they have a smart meter. You must apply for the Demand Flexibility Service with your supplier directly if you would like to take part. 

Will I Lose Power If I Sign Up? 

You will not lose gas or electricity access if you choose to sign up for the scheme. The service is designed to encourage less pressure on the energy network during typical peak hours on colder winter days. 

Simply delaying using energy-intensive appliances can bring savings to participating customers. 

Why Has The Demand Flexibility Service Been Created? 

The scheme has been created by the National Grid to avoid future blackouts. The Grid must ensure that the amount of electricity in the UK matches the amount being used. 

Whenever there’s a cold snap in the UK, more demand is placed on the grid. By encouraging people to use washing machines, and dishwashers and cook their evening meals during less demanding hours, the National Grid can avoid the last resort of any future blackouts.

What Does This Mean For Me? 

If your energy supplier is listed above and is registered with the scheme, you may have already been contacted about participation. For those who have chosen not to participate, or an energy provider is not offering the service, you do not need to do anything. You will not be charged more for usage during these hours. 

Which Appliances Offer The Most Savings By Turning Them Off? 

To help you maximise your savings during these hours, we’ve put together a table of the most expensive appliances to run. 


Power Rating (kw) 

Cost Per Hour

Annual Cost





Washing Machine




B Condenser Tumble Dryer (504kWh annually)




C Vented Tumble Dryer (585kWh annually)




PlayStation 5 (UHD) (2hrs a day)




PC (Tower + monitor)




43" Television 4K (2hrs a day)




35kW Gas Boiler (2hrs a day)




Kettle (2 minutes, 3 times a day)




Can I Switch Energy Suppliers? 

Business energy customers can switch suppliers and may save money against any future price increases by doing so. This is another opportunity for businesses to save money alongside the Energy Bill Discount Scheme.

Home energy customers are still unable to switch at this time. 

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