Energy bills revealed for reality TV homes

Too Hot to Handle and Love Island generate huge viewing figures with estimated energy bills to match!

By Charlotte Whyatt · 27th July 2021

New analysis conducted by Energy Helpline has revealed the eye-watering energy bills generated by the homes featured in some of the nation’s favourite reality TV shows.  

Top of the list is the stunning Caribbean villa of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, stretching over 15,000 sq ft and with two picturesque private beaches, which racks up estimated energy costs of £21,300 a year!  

The equally luxurious Love Island villa and its neighbouring Casa Amour that’s currently home to its seventh lot of contestants is second on our list with an estimated yearly energy bill of £17,111.

While things fare a little better across the pond, it’s the cosy tent from the beloved Great British Bake Off that’s the cheapest to run. Situated in the well-tended grounds of Welford country house and estate, its estimated yearly energy bill totals £4,957.

While these costs might seem a little overwhelming, significant savings can be made by simply switching these properties to a new gas and electricity deal.  

By switching to the most competitive fixed rate energy deal on the market, we estimate that the Too Hot to Handle and Love Island villas could save a combined £9,467 every year!

Tashema Jackson, consumer champion here at Energy Helpline said:  

“While these paradise pads face thousands of pounds worth of energy bills every year, households in the UK are unlikely to ever open their bill to find such eye-watering costs.”

“However, over the course of the last 18 months many of us will have been inspired to upgrade our homes and gardens to give ourselves a little more zest by installing outdoor lighting, fire pits or hot tubs. Given these added bits of comfort usually come with an additional energy cost it is worth considering if you are getting the best deal possible from your energy supplier."

“Comparing tariffs and switching to the best deal out there is an easy way to keep those energy bills down so you can also enjoy a summer of luxury without having to over pay for the privilege.”

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