15 great ways to cut your costs

We've put together 15 smart ways you can cut costs while at home.


Get a home workout in

If your gym has closed (which it likely has) it might be worth cancelling your membership and planning some workouts you can do from home. Even if you don’t have all the gear you’d normally use at the gym, there are plenty of videos online offering great cardio routines and effective, minimalist workouts.

Celebrity fitness coach Joe Wicks has workouts available that you can do in your living room, and streams live coaching sessions that you can watch for free.

Get growing in the garden!

Spring is the best time to grow vegetables and plants, with March to May offering ideal weather to get in the garden and start planting. You can even purchase seeds online that arrive via post, making the process even easier.

Whilst it might not save you money straight away, it’s a great way to save on the cost of groceries down the line and it gets you out in the garden!

Bundle your broadband and TV

If you’re having to stay at home then it’s a good time to check on your broadband and TV subscriptions.

Spend a bit of time online and you might find you could be on a much better broadband and TV deal if you bundle them together - just make sure you are free to switch from your current contract.

Review your car & home insurance

You’ve got time on your hands, so take a look around at some of the latest offers on car and home insurance.

If you haven’t used comparison websites to do this then look out for options like excess. Adjusting this can get you a better deal and with car insurance try adding a second driver to the policy - it can bring the cost down!

Dig out your Direct Debits

They are there to make things easier and more convenient, but how often do you actually check them?

Take a look at your Direct Debits, as well as your standing orders, to see if there’s anything you’re paying that you don’t need. There might be a catalogue subscription or magazine that you can cancel, putting a little more back in your pocket.

Switch energy & pocket £40 cashback

Seeing as self-isolating is the ideal time to look at admin, get yourself on to a cheaper energy deal with Energy Helpline.

Not only could you save up to £461* on your annual bills, but you can also get £40 cashback. No-one compares more suppliers and your switch happens without interruption to your supply. Click here to compare, save and pocket some cashback.

Freshen up your daily diet

Fruit and vegetables are famously healthy and good for you, but they are also a great cost-cutting diet choice.

If you’re looking for a good dose of immunity-boosting vitamin C, then foods like blackcurrants, kale, kiwis, broccoli and oranges are ideal. For those who like a spicy kick, grab a load of chili peppers, which are high in vitamin C but have also proven to help burn fat.

Turn down the takeout

If you’re staying in for the foreseeable future, takeaway food might seem like a great option. Ordering a spicy Indian, savoury Chinese or loaded pizza might mean you won't have to worry about those barren supermarket shelves.

However, you’re paying extra for the luxury. You can make alternative versions of takeaway classics that are healthy, delicious and cheap. Browse online for some recipes, and you might be surprised what you can rustle up without overspending.

Forget the latest phones

Have you ever taken out a SIM-Only deal? You get a single SIM loaded with calls, texts and data, and pay as little as £5 a month.

Contracts that include a new phone are like a loan, and you’re paying the product off monthly alongside your plan. Instead of doing this, simply keep your existing phone, or buy one outright, and choose a cheap SIM deal for your allowances. SIM-only deals are flexible as well, with the option of a 1-month contract.

Unplug your electrical devices

It’s estimated that around 5% of household energy usage comes from devices on stand-by. If a household energy bill is around then £1200 a year, then you could be trimming £60 by unplugging devices.

Unplugging something like your freezer is obviously no good, as you’ll need it to keep food and it uses more energy to power back on than if you just leave it. Instead, think about items such as desktop computers, laptops, consoles, TVs and phone chargers, that don’t need to be on unless you’re using them.

Bin the brand names

Try swapping out your usual branded goods for the supermarket’s own alternative when you do your next food shop. The pound or two of savings you’ll make on each item will quickly mount up.

Don’t just limit yourself to food either. Switching out products like washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, polish and surface cleaner spray for cheaper versions will also help you to save on your shopping bill.

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs like LEDs or CFLs are generally more expensive to buy than the traditional ones but the amount you could potentially save means it’s worth spending a little bit more initially.

Taking this opportunity to replace all of the lightbulbs in your home with LEDs could save you up to £35 a year on your energy bills.

Halt your heating as the weather gets warmer

Now it’s getting much lighter in the evenings and sunnier during the day, it’s time to turn your heating down a little. Like your mum always said, stick a jumper on if you’re cold!

It’s surprising the difference that even a slight adjustment to your heating can make. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree could save you up to £80 a year!


Self-isolating is just one of several incredibly important measures we can take to help to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Remember to regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water and catch any sneeze or cough you have in a tissue. Make sure you check in on your family and friends via phone or video call too, we’re all in this together!

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