Energy grants - what are they and who can apply?


We take you through energy grants, who can apply and how to do it.

What Are Energy Grants?

For those struggling to pay for their energy bills, the UK Government has put in place energy grants to help. There are a range of benefits and grants that might be available to you, but first, you need to see if you are eligible.


As you can imagine, each energy grant requires you to meet certain criteria, and the amount you could receive could vary greatly depending on your current situation.


There are various types of home energy grants, and they come in the form of both efficiency grants and schemes, and grants to help you pay your bills. They are as follows:

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National home energy efficiency grants and schemes

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

ECO is the main scheme for making energy-efficient improvements to households, such as installing loft insulation and heating enhancements in low-income, vulnerable households. In some instances, it may be possible to get help with replacing an inefficient boiler.


How do I get it?


ECO is not a government grant, but one large energy supplier support to households installing energy improvements.


Below is a list of ECO suppliers. To find out what they have to offer, you can visit their websites, or read more on the Ofgem site.


ECO suppliers: 



  •   - E (Gas & Electricity) Ltd



  •   - Ecotricity




  •   - Outfox the Market





  •   - So Energy (Including ESB Energy)


  •   - Utility Warehouse



Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government scheme that supports renewable modes of heating like wood boilers and heat pumps. If all requirements are met, you can be paid for every unit of renewable heat you produce.


How do I apply?


In order to apply you must have installed a system that meets the requirements of the scheme, otherwise you will not be eligible. Ask your installer to make sure your system is eligible before they get to work, otherwise, it would have all been for nothing.


Smart Export Guarantee

If you have methods of renewable electricity generation in your homes, such as solar panels on your roof, you might be entitled to get money through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). With the SEG scheme, you could be paid for every unit of renewable electricity you put back into the National Grid.


Get your certification


If you are installing methods of generating renewable electricity in your home, make sure your installer and equipment have both been certified to the correct standards in order to qualify for this particular grant. Speak to an energy supplier providing an SVG tariff to see what deals you can get.


National grants to help you pay your energy bills

Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment is a payment between £100 and £300 to help towards your winter heating bills. You may qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment grant if you were born on or before the 5th of August and you receive the State Pension or another social security benefit.


You’ll usually receive the Winter Fuel Payment automatically if you are eligible, but if you think you qualify and do not receive it, you will need to make a claim.


How do I apply?


If you have not had the Winter Fuel Payment before and believe you are eligible to receive it, you can call the Winter Fuel Payment Centre on 0800 731 0160.


Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount grant is a one-off discount on your winter electricity bill of £140, between September and March. If you are on a low income or claim the Guarantee Credit element of pension credit and your energy supplier is part of the scheme, you may be eligible for this energy grant.


How do I apply?


How you apply for the Warm Home Discount depends on how you qualify for it. You will need to call the Warm Home Discount team to receive the guarantee Credit element of the Pension Credit letter giving instructions on how to enter your details. Call them on 0800 107 8002.


You can also write to them at:


110552 Warm Home Discount Scheme
PO Box 26965
G1 9BW


Cold Weather Payment

With the Cold Weather Payment, you could receive a payment of £25 if the average temperature in your area drops below zero for seven consecutive days. You may be eligible if you claim certain means-tested benefits, such as:


  •   - Pension Credit


  •   - Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance


  •   - Income-related Employment and Support Allowance


  •   - Universal Credit


How do I apply?


You should receive this automatically if you are eligible. If not, contact Jobcentre Plus and tell them about your situation.

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