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Who Are Shell Energy?

Shell Energy is a utility company that supplies 100% renewable electricity with all its energy tariffs, believing green energy shouldn’t be a luxury you pay extra for, but instead a necessity. While first and foremost an energy company, Shell Energy can also offer customers smart home technology services, broadband and exclusive rewards at Shell petrol stations.


Shell Energy was initially born out of First Utility in 2018, which helped Shell Energy grow into a great value energy and broadband company having already laid strong foundations.


On December 1 2023, Shell Energy Retail Limited was acquired by Octopus Energy. As of January 2024, Octopus began transferring Shell Energy customers to their systems, which could take some months.


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Shell Energy Tariffs

All of Shell Energy’s tariffs come powered by 100% renewable electricity. See the full list of what they have to offer below:


Energy March 2022 v5

  • - Fixed energy price for 12 months
  • - Price rise protection until March 2022
  • - Exclusive Shell Go+ rewards
  • - Broadband discount available


Energy April 2023 v2

  • - Fixed energy price for 25 months
  • - Price rise protection until April 2023
  • - Exclusive Shell Go+ rewards
  • - Broadband discount available


Go Further February 2024

  • - Fixed energy price for 35 months
  • - Carbon credits for electricity and gas
  • - Price protection until February 2024
  • - Exclusive Shell Go+ rewards


Flexible 4

  • - Flexible rates subject to Ofgem price cap
  • - Exclusive Shell Go+ rewards
  • - Broadband discount available


Shell Energy Exclusive Rewards

Through the Shell Go+ rewards programme customers can get their hands on a 3% saving on up to 60 litres of fuel per month at participating Shell petrol stations, along with other surprises, such as offers on food and drink.


To participate in the Shell+ Go rewards programme you must either be a Shell Energy customer or a Shell Energy broadband customer.

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Shell Energy FAQs

  • What Is Shell Energy Smart Home Technology?

    Smart Meters


    Shell Energy offers smart meter installation, replacing your old analogue energy meters, and are installed at no extra cost with the latest SMETS2 technology - however, smart meter installation does require your house to meet certain requirements to be suitable.


    Smart meters allow you to see your day-by-day usage while breaking down how and where you are using most of your gas and electricity. Although not for everyone, they’re a great way to ensure a non-estimated, accurate bill each month.


    When you have a smart meter installed through Shell Energy you’ll be offered an In-Home Display unit to place in your home to make keeping track of your energy usage seamless.


    Electric Vehicle Home Charging 


    Shell Energy offers a NewMotion home charge point at the price of £519. The 7.4kW-fast charge point is suitable for all-electric cars, weatherproof, online connected and safety approved, while also including a range of smart services, revolutionising electric vehicle smart charging.


    The cost of installing a Shell Energy electric vehicle charging point includes wall mounting and cabling up to 15 metres. An OZEV Grant is also included, which means you could receive £350 towards the cost of installation where NewMotion takes care of the administration.


    With the electric vehicle exclusive tariff, Shell Energy offers to cover the cost of 2,000 miles a year via a credit system that’s added to the customer’s account each month. As with all its tariffs, Shell Energy’s EV tariff is powered by 100% renewable electricity, too.


    To switch to Shell Energy’s exclusive EV tariff you’ll also need to be willing to have a SMETS2 smart meter installed so your exact electricity usage can be tracked accurately.

  • What Is Shell Energy Solar Storage?

    Shell Energy has a tariff exclusive to solar panel owners, giving customers the option of upgrading to an energy storage unit to help reduce electricity bills.


    The home battery stores the clean electricity generated by your solar panels to help you more efficiently use the renewable energy you produce, while also earning you solar credits in the summer when you could be generating excess energy, storing it for the winter when your electricity bills are generally more expensive.

  • Do Shell Energy Offer Broadband Packages?

    Shell Energy broadband offers customers three possible broadband packages:


    Fast broadband

    • - £21.99 a month
    • - 11Mbps average download speed
    • - Includes £25 Amazon gift card


    Superfast Fibre

    • - £24.99 a month
    • - 35Mbps average download speed
    • - Includes £50 Amazon gift card


    Superfast Fibre Plus

    • - £35.99 a month
    • - 63Mbps average download speed
    • - £50 Amazon gift card
  • How To Contact Shell Energy?

    You have the option to speak to a 24/7 assistant on their webpage, email them, make contact via social media or call them. Shell Energy’s customer service number can be found below for your ease of use:


    Shell Energy’s customer support for energy: 0330 094 5800


    (8am-6:30pm Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm on Saturdays)


    Shell Energy’s customer support for broadband: 0330 094 5801


    (8am-8pm Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm on Saturdays)

  • Shell Energy Trustpilot Reviews

    On Trustpilot, Shell Energy currently sports a 3.9 out of 5-star rating, earning themselves the title of ‘Great’. 


    While not the highest rating among other energy suppliers we’ve reviewed here at Energy Helpline, bear in mind that customers often go to Trustpilot to vent frustration at a particular company, so this Trustpilot rating might not fairly reflect all customer service Shell Energy has to offer.