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We’ve reviewed the major UK energy suppliers to help you decide the best fit for you whether you’re looking at home or business energy

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Trusted UK Energy Suppliers 

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Who Are The Cheapest Energy Suppliers? 

The cheapest energy supplier changes almost daily. UK households' current energy price cap is set at £1,690 annually for a typical usage household. Energy suppliers cannot charge more than a set amount according to Ofgem. These are reviewed quarterly. 

 You can find information on the cheapest business energy suppliers here. Here is a summary: 

  • Cheapest electricity unit price: Opus Energy (21.7p)
  • Cheapest gas unit price: EDF and Smartest Energy (6.7p)
  • Cheapest standing charge: Scottish Power Gas (35.1p)

Prices updated in April 2024. 

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Best Rated Energy Suppliers 2024


Energy Suppliers

Trustpilot Rating (max score 5)

Opus Energy


Shell Energy 




Ovo Energy


Scottish Power


Smartest Energy


British Gas 


Valda Energy




SSE Business Energy


British Gas Lite



How Do I Switch Energy Suppliers? 

We’ve taken the time-consuming aspects away from switching energy suppliers. You can now view online prices within 30 seconds by using your business address. 

Once you’re happy with the tariff you have picked, simply checkout online and we’ll handle the rest. You will switch energy suppliers in just a few clicks. 

From a panel of trusted UK suppliers, you can find great deals and lock in great rates cheaper than potential future price increases. 


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Common Energy Supplier Questions Answered 

  • After energy switching suppliers, what do I need to do?

    Once you’ve made a decision on which energy supplier you’d like to switch to, we do the rest by contacting your existing supplier. Once everything has been okayed we will send you an email to confirm the switch.

    From there, we will process and forward your details to your new supplier. They will then contact you to inform you of your new tariff start date. You must ensure that you take a meter reading on this date so that you are billed for the correct amount.

    After that, you just have to wait for the switch to go through. We'll aim to have you switched over within 5-working days. 

    When we say we handle your switch to make things hassle-free for you, we mean it.

  • How do I find out my current energy supplier?

    You should be able to find who your current energy supplier is by taking a look at your most recent utility bill. Your supplier’s logo and name should be clearly visible on there.

    Another way of finding out your current energy supplier is by taking a look at your last energy payment on your bank statement, and it should say the supplier name there too.

    You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO), the company that owns and maintains the electricity grid in your area. Contact them and ask them for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) and tell them your postcode and address, and they’ll be able to tell you the current electricity supplier for your property.

  • Do I need to contact my current energy supplier if I want to switch?

    If you’re switching energy and using a reputable comparison service like Energy Helpline, there’s no need to contact your existing supplier - everything is handled for you.

    If you were to switch through us, once you’ve chosen the cheap energy tariff you’d like to switch to, we’ll contact your current supplier and let them know you are leaving and moving to a new deal.

    You might need up-to-date meter readings, but your new supplier should contact you to ask for these during your switchover.

  • Where can I find helpful, independent information and advice about energy efficiency?

    If you’re looking for some really useful advice on energy efficiency then visit Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice and the Government’s energy grants calculator.

    The Energy Saving Trust is a leading, trusted organisation helping people save energy on a daily basis.

    Citizens Advice is a renowned service in the UK which provides free assistance and guidance on a range of subjects, including energy.

    The Government's energy grants calculator offers personalised energy efficiency advice based on your postcode, and relevant information such as available grants.

  • Are Opus Energy Still Supplying Energy?

    No. From July 2024, Opus Energy will stop trading in the gas market, after they announced this in January 2023.

    Business energy customers will be transferred over to EDF Energy.

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